Oil Refineries In Canada

By: Una

What is the purpose of the industry?

The purpose of this industry is to refine oil to make products such as diesel and gasoline. Without it, a lot of the machines that we have today, wouldn't work.for example, a car wouldn't be able to run because it had no energy.

Where is the industry located?

Oil refineries are located around the world, but some of them are bigger than others.

If they are bigger, that means that they make more oil, which is like more oil refineries. The biggest one in the world, is Jamnagar Refinery. This oil refinery is located in Jamnagar, and it makes 1.24 million barrels of oil a day.

How are natural resources taken from the land?

The oil that the refinery uses is crude oil, and since crude oil is made from remains from animals and plants, the oil refinery really needs animals and plants to die to be used.

What are the pro’s and con’s of the industry?

The pro's of an oil refinery is that it helps us to make most of the materials or products that we have today.

The con's of this is that it causes pollution, and, it may cause many forms of life to get sick or die.

Is this industry sustainable? Why or why not?

No, this is because it can kill all kinds of life, and, it may need to kill animals to be able to create crude oil. Also, many industries need to kill animals to be able to work.

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