Men Suits in Sydney

Bespoke suits - The Choice of the Gentleman Who Knows What He Wants

Bespoke suits are for whenever you want complete control over every intricate detail of one's suit's make and styling. A somewhat misused term, bespoke suits need many more measurements to be taken and multiple suit fittings to ensure that you're obtaining exactly what you would like. In short, bespoke suits are for the uncompromising gentleman, however all this focus does arrive at a cost.

So, what is the difference?

When it comes time to suit up, bespoke suits are just one of the quantity of choices you have. Other choices include custom tailor made suits (also called tailor made suits), made-to-measure mens suits and of course, off-the-rack suits.

The main difference among a bespoke suit and amade-to-measure suit is that bespoke suits are built from scratch, require multiple fittings and are created without use of a pre-existing pattern thus allowing for intricate control over styling detail.

Custom tailored suits are often also made from uniquely cut patterns and are individually hand-crafted to your measurements, material choice and styling requirements. However, they do not usually include multiple suit fittings like the bespoke choice does. Made-to-measure tailored suits use a regular pre-designed pattern and often too, regular styling options.

In contrast, off-the-rack suits really are a pre-styled, mass-produced product made to standard sizing rules which might or even might not fit you well. With the off-the-rack suit you'll usually need to compromise on style, fabric or even fit (or sometimes all three!), as you will rarely discover precisely what you are looking for. Buying off-the-rack also means you'll most likely need to shop about, trying on scores of jackets and trousers until you discover one that's fits - to not mention having to deal with pushy sales men. Finallywith off-the-rack tailored suits often comes the need for alterations, which can be both a time consuming and expensive exercise.

Pros of bespoke suits

• Complete control more than every styling aspect.

• The highest quality materials and an extremely big range.

• One-on-one personalised service and advice from a local tailor.

• Get the fit, style and fabric you want, without compromise.

• High quality of craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail.

Cons of bespoke suits

• Mainly the cost, which is well out of the budget of most people - or even in the event you could pay for a bespoke suit, you may not wish to spend so much.

• Requires a lot of effort and thought. Many people do not have the time or patience to bother customising a bespoke suit to this kind of an intricate level or going in for multiple fittings.


8+ weeks: Whole procedure - from taking measurements, multiple fittings and any alterations.

Effort Required by You

High: A great deal of thought might be required to configure your bespoke suit with so numerous options available to you. You'll also need to go in for multiple fittings for your first bespoke suit, and even perhaps on subsequent bespoke suits.It’s definitely not for the time poor.


High: For a bespoke suit expect to pay anywhere from - well - really the sky will be the limit here. When we did our market research and called up all the major bespoke suit tailoring houses in Sydney, we discovered that the average cost was about AUD $3,000 - $5,000 with some bespoke tailors known to have sold very special bespoke suits for more than AUD$40,000.

Final word on bespoke suits

Bespoke suits are for those that possess an extremely discerning character, no time pressure, and in many cases an unlimited budget. Bespoke suits are simply for when only the very,very best will do.