The War for Independence

Come and support your nation! Don't be afriad to voice your oppion. You all are trying to come here to become free to be able to speak with out fear if you don't fight with us who all you have struggled to get her will be for nothing. So fight with us and get your independence!

Fight for your freedom

Tuesday, Oct. 19th 1779 at 12am

All over the east

This war started in 1779. The british really don't think it would last long since we have no strategic army but they are wrong.The bristish have one of the best navy IN THE WORLD!!But we are fighting for our freedom we are fighting with hope, since that was all we have. We also know the land better then they do they are fighting on our turff. We really have no choice becuase if we lose we are going to hang for treason.The two parties that controlled every thing were the

*Patriots-Who are colonist who supported the revolution and fought against the British.

we also had the

*Loyalist-who are colonist who remained loyal to the king and fought on the side of the british.

these are the two teams that are fighting this war.Most of the americans that are fighting this war are loyalist, because they are scared of being hung and they really believe that England will win this war. We will not fight this war only thank god we will not our good friends the french will help us since they have such a great hate for england.One of our great leader is George Washington. Joing us fight the british and prove them wrong we can we but we need YOUR HELP!!!!