Iraq Kurds

Help them find justice

help the kurds in iraq

who are the persecuted and persicutors?-the kurds are the largest ethnic group with out their own country.-26-39 million kurds were persecuted


What is the history behind the genocide?-Hundreds and thousands of people were executed during asystematic attempt to  exterminate the kurdish population in Iraq in the anful operations in the 1980s.-the kurds appearedin the medieval time period.-they were tied togther and shot, then fell into mass graves.-women and children were sent to camps.-towns were attacked with chemical wepons.


where did this happen and where is it happening today?-its happening in Tukey,Iraq,Syria,Iran and Armenia.


when did it start?-it started in the Medieval period.


why did it happen?-it happened to exterminate the kurdish people in the late 1980s.


how can we help?-we can help by working with the goverment, humanitarian and stakeholders to provide protection.-review international protection-the organization that helps the kurds is called the UNHCR