The Diary of Anne Frank


Peter from the Diary of Anne Frank

Peter is one of the few Jewish family members living in the annex. Peter was a very shy person. In the diary of Anne Frank Peter says,”you know just how to talk to them. You know just how to say it. I'm no good”(417). He's saying that he doesn't know how to talk to the family which is showing that he's shy. Another example of how he's shy is when he says,”I'm sort of a Lone wolf”(377). He's saying that he Didn't really have any friends and that he likes to be by himself which is showing that he's a shy person. The final example of how Peter is shy is when he says”I didn't have any dates with anyone”(378). So he's saying that he has never been with friends before and he has never been in a relationship which is firmly showing that he's shy. Citation for picture: Peter. Digital Image. N.d. Web. 8 December, 2015.

Theme Paragraph #1

The theme, we must show courage when faced with obstacles, is dramatically shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. There were tons of times when the family showed courage when they had to face difficult situations. When the Jewish family realized that the Germans were taking Jews, Mr. Frank (Anne's father) took Anne and the family into hiding. Mr. Frank says “Please, I've thought this out for weeks. It's the best arrangement. The only arrangement”(376). Mr frank is explaining to them that he has Been planning this hiding for weeks. He knows it's really dangerous but he needs to have courage to protect his family. Another example of showing Courage is when Miep and Kraler help the families live with them in the annex. The families were a great chance of the family getting caught. But since miep and Kraler took the chance, they showed great courage. Mr. Kraler says “Miep or I, or both of us, will be up each day to bring food and news and find out what your needs are”(375). So Mr. Kraler is willing to go outside each day to provide food and supplies for the family because it's the right thing to do. The final example of them showing courage in The Diary of Anne Frank is when they are found by the green police. The play reads, “She is no longer a child, but a women with courage to meet whatever lies ahead”(433). This shows that Anne has courage to face what comes next. These are examples of how we need courage when faced with obstacles.

Theme Paragraph #2

The theme, faith is important so you don't give up on life, is well shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. There were numerous times when the family showed faith when in the annex. In the annex, they celebrated Hanukkah and dressed up nicely for it. Mr Frank says, “praised be thou, oh lord our God, ruler of the universe, who has sanctified us with thy commandments and Biden us kindle the hanakkuh lights”(401). He and the family are praying to god which shows that they are showing faith. Another example of the family showing faith is when they read from the Old Testament. The Old Testament is a prayer from the bible. Mrs. Frank says “my help cometh from the lord who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved”(401). She and the family are reading about God and how he made this world. They are showing faith because they aren't worrying about what's going to happen to them in the future. The final example of how the family is showing faith is when they remember the heroic Maccabees. The Maccabees are people that fought against tyranny and rule just like the Jewish family is doing. Mr Frank says “we kindle this Hanukkah light to celebrate the great and wonderful deeds wrought through the zeal with which God filled the hearts of the heroic Maccabees, two thousand years ago”(401). They're reading about the people that had to fight tyranny and rule just like they do which is showing great faith.

All of these examples are about how the family never gave up and showed faith and enthusiasm while in the annex and having to face the nazis.

Symbol that shows Peter

Peters symbol is a cat. Peter is related to a cat because he likes to be alone a lot. In the book Peter says "I'm sort of a lone wolf"(377). So Peter is saying that he is most of the time along. He's also related to a cat because he doesnt like strangers just like cats don't. In the book, Peter says "he's a tom, he doesn't like strangers"(377). He's saying that the cat doesn't like strangers which relates to him. One other thing how he's related to a cat is because cats are shy and quiet. In the book Peter says "you know just how to talk to them. I don't. I'm know good"(417). He's saying that he doesn't really know how to interact with other people like cats are like.
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