Controls: Technology Manipulation

By: Bianca Oglesby


Some people say that technology is apart of life, but other seem to disagree with what technology does to us. Were not being controlled, we are being controlled, or we control the technology. It’s very confusing to figure out what is the truth, but I think that it has a lot to do with the perspectives and generations of us people. If you were born when technology didn't exist then you may feel like it something that is destroying the world, but if you existed after Google, and iPhone were created then you may feel like everything that is there is supposed to be there and help you. Technology that is here now makes our minds weak, and we now become depended on the internet and social media for everything.

Different Perspectives

I did some of my research online, but I also went out and got my own information about what people think of technology. I asked a few questions to family member about what they think of technology. Everyone was pretty much open about using technology and that having it can be good, but they all agreed that it makes you lazy and that technology is something that is controlling us. One person said that phone are more addicted they the worst drug ever created and that rehab is needed to become detracted from your phone or whatever you use. Everyone who I interview also said something about how back in day technology wasn't there and it could help you, they had to do everything on their own. People appreciated things back then more because everything wasn't handed to them.