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Stephanie Moore, M.Ed

Coyote Ridge Elementary

LISD Guidance and Counseling S'more-Welcome Back from Dr. Rogers

Welcome Back!

Greetings Coyotes!

I hope this information finds you doing well. We are all looking forward to seeing you at school very soon, whether it is virtual or in person, we are excited to see your faces!

We know this is a very interesting time and the changes can be hard to manage, but we hope that we can work together to best meet your needs. There are many areas of support available and those will be listed below as well as new resources as they become available.

Each month a counseling newsletter will be shared which will include tips, activities, resources, and other items you may find useful throughout the school year.

Second Step Social Emotional Learning

Second Step: Social-Emotional Learning for Everyone!

Coyote Ridge Elementary will continue our counseling curriculum to address the social-emotional learning (SEL) of all of Coyotes. All Coyotes will be receiving daily lessons which will enrich their social and emotional skills sets. Micro learning will take place as students are encouraged to use their skills throughout each day of in person learning and virtual learning to make good decisions, show empathy, be responsible, and develop their leadership. Through the learning, students will also be a part of creating a culture of trust and collaborating within their classrooms. This is very exciting and I hope, as families, you will just on board with the learning at home as well.

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