October 2021

What's been happening at Maple Place!!!

Maple Place is very busy! The students spend their days working on their academics and then find time either before or after school to take part in the many activities available to them. This newsletter will give you another glimpse into some of the academics taking place and our next newsletter will focus on all the great activities and sports available to the students.

8th Grade

Math: The Algebra students are working on solving multi-step equations, inequalities, and absolute value equations. The students are beginning to work with properties of exponents and scientific notation. We continue to use whiteboards to assess students' understanding of the material as well as other activities to practice our skills

Science: The Science classes are learning about volume, mass, and density. We are applying our skills by completing multiple labs and hands-on activities. The students will be receiving their study guide for their Unit 1 Module J science test next week. The test will tentatively be the last week of October.

ELA: Currently, the students are working on publishing Personal Memoirs. We also just jumped into word study focusing on prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Students are actively reading each day and participating in the 5000 Page Reading challenge!

Social Studies: Students are working on the Reconstruction Unit. Students are currently working on creating a skit to reenact a meeting between leaders of the time. The students will also be learning about political cartoons and creating their own on the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. We will also be discussing current events so the students understand the newsworthy items taking place at this time.

7th Grade

Math: Students are finishing up their unit on Integer Rules and will soon be learning about proportional relationships. In Pre Algebra, students are learning how to convert repeating decimals to fractions and how to classify rational and irrational numbers.

Science: Students are studying the structure and function of cells

ELA: Students are finishing up their personal narrative writing and will be beginning a deep study of characters soon.

Social Studies: Students are learning about the birth of our country, including the preamble, the Constitutional Convention, and the Declaration of Independence.

6th Grade

Math: We have just finished up our unit on decimals/fractions and are now transitioning to integers (positive/negative numbers). The students are looking to see how we incorporate negative numbers into everyday life.

Science: Finishing up on team building, engineering and safety . They have started labs and are doing amazing! The students are excited for science and work well as a team. We have done labs on chemical reactions, measured mass of Oreos and tested if double stuff Oreos were really "double stuffed." We are able to complete hands-on everyday in science with our new extended time with block scheduling.

ELA: Students are working on planning and composing their personal narratives using a digital notebook.

Social Studies: We are comparing and contrasting the different civilizations that ruled over Mesopotamia and establishing a timeline of contact between more distant civilizations such as Greece and Egypt.

5th Grade

Math: The students are wrapping up the unit on adding and subtracting with decimals. We are looking forward to using and reviewing the standard algorithm for multiplication next!

Science: Students completed a paper table challenge where books needed to be able to balance on the paper table

ELA: Students have begun to develop their narrative writings.

Social Studies: In Social Studies, students are creating Hunter-Gatherer menus for the Earliest Americans


Spanish: 6th grade Spanish students were tasked with "staging an interview" with someone famous completely in Spanish. Presentations were diverse, entertaining and reflected great collaborative efforts. Students pictured staged an interview between Batman and Iron Man live from Gotham City with great costumes too!

Gym: We just wrapped up with the Week of Respect starting each day with activities relating to respect (cooperative games) and introducing ultimate frisbee and ultimate football.

Computers: In Computers, students are learning geometric concepts using Magna-Tiles. These skills will help with 3D printing.

Life Skills: Students have been working on internet safety and being responsible digital citizens.

Art: In Art class we are going to be working on the Element of art Form, learning how to draw 3 dimensional figures and then creating sculptures using clay.

Big picture

Spirit Week

Way to Go Chargers!

  • Katarina Verdi (7th Grader) was announced as the "Upstander of the Month" for October for the NY Jets for the Stomp Out Bullying Program! Congrats!!!

Upcoming Events

Red Ribbon Week: During the week of October 25, our students will be learning about the importance of making good decisions and living a drug free life. Each day there will be a theme and statement to encourage our students to be the best they can be for their future.

Halloween: The Halloween Parade is back! Please refer to the letter that was sent on Friday, October 15 for the details.

Student Leadership: Students are collecting items for the Blessing Bag Brigade. Beginning this week a competition will take place to see which homeroom from each grade level collects the most items. 8th Grade Student Leaders will be around each morning to collect and tally items. Winners will get a bagel breakfast treat!!!

Calendar of Events: The link for the calendar on the Maple Place website shows all the activities taking place at school. Be sure to visit it to see our upcoming events.


A huge shout out to the parents that pick up their children at dismissal. Having every car enter into the bus loop to pick up your children has created a much safer environment for all of the students. Thank You So Much for your patience and diligence with this matter.