Zika Virus

Why are we doing something for the Zika virus now?

How Do You Get The Zika Virus

Traveling to places where it is really warm and could be passed from infected people.

What Are The Symptoms

"The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, a rash, joint pain or conjunctives, also red eyes."

When and Where Did It First Show Up?

Discovered in 1974, first showed up in tropical Africa, now its has been affecting more people,

How Many Countries Has It Reached?

"47 countries"

Why Has It Spread So Quickly In The Last Year?

"People are are traveling to warmer places and the Zika misquotes live in the warmer climates so when people travel they they can get it and pass it from person to person"

What Is Being Done To Prevent it From Spreading?

Wear long sleeves and pants. Stay in air conditioned areas.

What is being done to treat the patients?

"If they have zika doctors will look over you and keep an eye on you especially if pregnant, also get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water."

How can GMO mosquito remove the carrying misquito population?

They kill mosquitoes

More Facts About The Zika Virus

  • There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine from the zika virus
  • Everyone who is infected sometimes doesnt even know they have zika until they go to the doctors becuase of something or being pregnant
  • Is been around for a while but no one has done anything unil now.
  • When pregnant women have there baby if the baby has zika it will have a small head and brain.


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