Your Florida Adventure

Michelle Lapidot 11

Pirate Day

First you will go on a pirate cruise in Fort Myers.You get to meet the captain and sail the seven seas with the rest of the crew. You even get to see the replica of the Spanish Galleon Pirate Ship. The real one sailed in the 1600s.

St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum. It has one of the largest pirate collections in the world. It has so many beautiful pirate artifacts and treasures like pirate jewels. Arrrrrrrg me matys.

Fashion Friday

Tuesday, May 21st, 9pm

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Miami Fashion week is an amazing fashion show. They have Italian designers and Hispanic designers and American designers. There are so many different cultures in the fashion world.

Fashion week is in Miami and there are so many people who come from all around the world to see the designers and their clothes.

Day 3 Native Americans

First we will go to the Ah-Thi-Ki Museum Cypress Reservation. There the guides tell you ancient stories from long ago about the Native Americans in Florida. They have many Native American clothing displays from the 1700s.

You can even go camping there near the river. They have beautiful walking trails. The river is very beautiful with all the wildlife everywhere .

Rocco's Tacos

If you like Mexican food and you are hungry go to Rocco's Tacos. They give you fresh healthy Mexican food. The best time to go is on Cinco De Mayo. They sing Mexican songs and they have dancing, and they bring a DJ on Cinco De Mayo. Have fun!

Day 4 Festaval Sarahsota

Festival Sarasota has a lot of Native American cultures. They even have Native American dancing and they can teach you how to do Native American dancing. They show the lifestyle of Native Americans. The culture is in the 1700s that's a long time ago!

Day 5 Exploring

De Soto National Park is in Bradenton FL. We will see so many films about exploring. We will also see films about exploration with Native Americans. You will be an explorer just like De Soto. The exploring took place in the 1400s that's long ago!

They also have beautiful nature trails that you can hike on. They make you feel like you are an explorer searching for gold or goods.

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