Chinese and American schools

By Jacob Bulla

American Schools

While American students have the same amount of allocated time as Chinese students, the amount of engaged time spent in school is dramatically less than their Chinese counterparts. State test do not make sense and textbooks are marked. If schools in the U.S. public school system were to incorporate the positive aspects that make the Chinese school system so successful, schools in the U.S. would in turn be more successful. It is my personal hope that educators and school administrators will compare schools in the U.S. to the successful schools in other countries, including China.

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Chinese Schools

Teachers in China are given more respect than teachers in the U.S. Teachers do not taxes on their salary, and they receive their own national holiday, Teachers Day, on September 29th. Chinese schools have a hard work ethic, resulting in student success. Chinese schools do not segregate high achieving students from lower achieving students through tracking levels, like in the U.S. This is mostly due to the belief that all students can succeed if they put in the effort. One negative aspect of the Chinese education system is that high stakes testing in order to pass into the next grade results in many students left with no other choice but to drop out of the school system all together.