Sumerian Writing Classes

New Thinking, New Writing

How Do I Join Classes?

Go to the building nearest to the ziggurat with the two wheels hung by the entrance. Come at sundown everyday.

What Language Will We Be Writing In?

Were are going to be writing in the written language of cuneiform. Cuneiform comes from Sumer and it was the first written language. Sumerians used a wedged shaped stylus when using cuneiform Sumerians wrote on clay tablets.

Are Clay Tablets Wasteful?

Clay Tablets are reused by soaking them under water to clear the tablets.

How are wedge shaped Stylus's made?

Pottery Artists made these wedge shaped stylus's by shaping them where they would usually make pots and decorations.

Why is it important to learn how to write?

You need the skill of writing for many things like, Jobs and letters because if you want to have jobs like scribes, government officials and many more.