Grade 3 Newsletter Christmas Term

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 14th September

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Virtue of the Week

Next week our virtue is Tact.

More virtues ceremonies from 3KHa

3CMu Dressing up for the topic of time-zones

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Language Arts

In spellings next week we will be learning about irregular verbs. We will be learning how the root word changes to give the past tense of irregular verbs. Such as drink becomes drank.

Next week we are starting a new genre linked to our IPC Time and Space Topic; Persuasive Brochures. Over the next few weeks the students will be writing a brochure to persuade someone to visit a place of their choice. Before writing their leaflets, the children will be reading a wide variety of brochures and analysing them for persuasive techniques. Next week the children will be noting down the key features of a leaflet and rating brochures of the persuasiveness.

In grammar the children will ne focusing on commas and how to use them effectively. Here are a couple of websites for the children to try:

A few of 3KHa searching for places using lines of Latitude and Longitude.

IPC Unit of Work

This week in our IPC unit of work, the children have had their hands full with looking at shadows. We have been looking at ‘why we have day and night’ and carrying out tests to gather evidence from our observations and measurements to see if materials are transparent, translucent and opaque.

Next week the children will be using the evidence to draw a conclusion. We will be making predictions and testing our findings to see how and why shadows become longer and shorter.


In Mathematics next week grade three will begin to learn all about money. The focus will be on converting dollars to cents and visa-versa as well as adding sums of money together.

3TCo had a brilliant time completing an online Socrative quiz. Last week the class spent time using unit specific vocabulary to ask and answer questions. After Mrs. Conte turned it into an online quiz and the students tested their understanding of what they learned last week!

3KHa have been revising their multiplication tables through online games and class activities. A great website that we have been using which we would like to share with you is


Our LA homework this week is all explained on a special homework sheet connected with our IPC topic. This sheet need to be completed by Friday please.

It involves the children preparing themselves with information ready to write a persuasive travel brochure which will entice people to visit a place they have never been before.

The Maths Homework will be from their workbooks, and pages will be allocated by the class teacher. To clarify about homework: All pages are decided within the Grade and approved by the Maths Department. All the work will be completed by all classes but some may chose a different week to complete those pages than others.

Digital passprt certificates for 3KHa and 3TCo

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A BIG congratulations goes out this week to the amazing digital citizens in Grade 3 KHa and TCo who have earned all 6 badges for their Digital Passport. Each student has been awarded a Digital Passport Certificate in recognition of their success. They have now been entrusted with email accounts and will be practicing over the coming weeks how to collaborate online using email.

Town Hall meeting 19th November

Class KHa Class assembly 28th November

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