Quarter 2 Newsletter

6th Grade

Fall Conferences

Thank you to all parents and students who attended fall conferences this Fall. Students did a great job leading their own conferences with parents and it was exciting to celebrate a quarter of hard work! If you did not attend conferences, your student's grade report, state testing report from last year, and a few other documents went home with students or are being mailed out. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

The CIMS Park and Play Yard!

The CIMS playground is coming along! Equipment has begun to be installed.

We still need painted rocks for our display in the CIMS Park and Play Yard! If you or your family are interested in taking rocks home to paint and return for the playground, come pick up a packet in the office. Note that rocks will be provided, paint or other materials will not. Feel free to pick up for anyone who wants to contribute to the playground! Please pick up, decorate, and return rocks by Thursday 11/15/18.

Big picture

Other Important Updates

  • Make sure to update your Parent Booker account and that you have your student's name on the account so you can take advantage of upcoming volunteer opportunities like helping with the Holiday Dance on Dec. 20th sponsored by student council.
  • We will be hosting a team from IB on November 26th and 27th to check out what amazing things our PYP program is doing.
  • Don't miss out on PTO's bingo night on December 14th. It's a fun way to raise funds for the PTO!

Current Units of Inquiry

Language and Literature

Unit Title: Take a Stand

Unit Statement of Inquiry: The purpose and audience imperatives of communication question belief systems.

Inquiry Questions: What is an assumption? What does it mean to be biased? What are the elements of a compromise? What are personal opinions? What are effective research tools? How do assumptions shape people's thinking? When are assumptions helpful? How can we create a fair and just society for all members?

Summative Assessment: Students will collaborate with classmates to present findings on a controversial topic for debate.


Unit Title: Atoms and the Periodic Table

Statement of Inquiry: Identities can be found using connections found between interactions and patterns.

Inquiry Questions: How is the periodic table laid out? Can you create a lab using water dirt and sand to determine the relative density of each object? Develop a logical argument to support your opinion about the relative density of objects.

Summative Assessment: Under Construction

Individuals and Societies

Unit Title: American Colonization

Statement of Inquiry: Under Construction!

Inquiry Questions: Under Construction

Summative Assessment: Students will demonstrate their mastery of the unit through a test of their knowledge and short constructed responses.


Unit Title: The Number System

Statement of Inquiry: Understanding number systems and how they are represented in daily processes are shown through the use of technical innovation.

Inquiry Questions: What are the different categories of numbers in our number system? Why does the number system need to contain positive and negative numbers? How can numbers be added or multiplied and become smaller?

Summative Assessment:Chapter tests from Glencoe and ACES Extended-Response Tests. Students will apply the skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals in situations involving AREA, DISTANCE, AND MONEY.


Unit Title: Let's Travel

Statement of Inquiry: Utilizing resources and products allows for logical solutions.

Inquiry Questions:

What are values?

  • Students will analyse the importance of their personal values.
Why does the number system need to contain positive and negative numbers? How do our values affect the decisions we make?
  • Students will understand that values will help them with their decision making based on their personal values.

Can numbers be added or multiplied and become smaller? What are the most important things to consider when making a big decision?
  • Students will understand that the decisions you make are based on personal values.

Summative Assessment: To apply their knowledge of cost benefit analysis, students will be using design criteria B to develop a plan for 2 different vacations.


Unit Title: Who are you?

Statement of Inquiry: Who we are and what we do is interconnected with our identity.

Inquiry Questions:

How do personal preferences connect us with each other? How can I describe people? What physical and personality characteristics do we have in common with other people? What can I learn about people based on their preferences? What connections do I have with other people? How do social conventions influence us? Does what I do necessarily determine who I am? Why are we the way we are? How important are the connections we have with other people?

Summative Assessment: The purpose of the unit is to use Spanish vocabulary to show their own identity using the verb like and prefer. During the lesson the students will share with other students their likes and they will know their classmates likes.


Unit Title: Basketball

Statement of Inquiry: An individual’s development of perspective and interactions impacts their awareness of space and time.

Inquiry Questions: What are the cues for dribbling? Do you have to dribble with your dominant hand? Why or why not? How can being a good communicator help your team be successful?

Summative Assessment: Under Construction!