Ian Wuensch

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Bat Population

There are many different species of bat. Over 300 bat species live in North America.There are over 900 species of bat on Earth. Bats live almost all around the world.

Bat Facts

Bat Homes

Bats live in two different habitats. Lots of bats live in caves while other bats live in trees. Bats live in two different places called roosts.

Bat Speeds

Bats can go really fast when flying. Bats can fly up to 40 mph. When diving, a bat can fly up to 80 mph. Bats can go as fast as a car on the highway at full speed

Bat Ages

Bats live long times. Some bats live 35 yrs. when others live 40 yrs. Some bats live long times and some bats live short times.

Bat Sizes

Bats come in different sizes. some bats are tiny. The banana bat is so small it could fit in your hand. The kitti's hog nosed bat is 27-33 mm. Some Bats are small and some are really small, but they all have the same lifestyle.