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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ December 3

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11:45 Dismissal on Friday, Dec 10

Lakeview's Mission:

The mission of Lakeview Elementary is to ensure each and every learner GROWS the knowledge and skills essential to achieving their full potential.

Lakeview's Vision:

We will create a school where each and every learner will thrive in welcoming and inclusive learning communities.

Lakeview's Values:

• We value strong relationships between students, staff, and families.

• We value being responsive to student academic and social-emotional needs.

• We value staff collaboration that supports shared goals and actions for student success.

PTO Craft Night - THIS WEEK!

This Thursday, the Lakeview PTO is hosting a free Winter Craft Night! It will be on Thursday, December 9th from 6:00-7:30 in the Lakeview gym. Come enjoy a winter book, hot cocoa, and a craft project with our PTO! There was a flyer in the Tuesday folder and watch the PTO facebook page for another update.

Friday Early Dismissal

On Friday, December 10, students are dismissed at 11:45 a.m. Please be sure you have a plan in place to pick up your student(s) at 11:45 and be sure your child(ren) know what the plan is.

Food Drive - Thank You!

The recent food drive collected approximately 9000 items for South Milwaukee Human Concerns and an additional approximately $600 in donations. Lakeview contributed a huge amount of the donations - about 3,750 items were donated from Lakeview alone! There was a friendly competition between each classroom to donate the most, and in the end just 15 items separated the top donating classroom from the second place classroom. Thank you to Mrs. Hetzer's 5K (top donating class) and Mrs. Mortier's 4th grade (second) as well as everyone else at Lakeview who donated!

This Facebook post has a video made by Mrs. Fox, who coordinated this event for all six schools in the district. Thanks, Mrs. Fox!

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, December 9 - PTO Winter Craft Night from 6:00-7:30

Friday, December 10 - 11:45 Dismissal for Elementary only (End of trimester records day)

Winter Break - Dec 23 through January 2 (school resumes January 3 at 8:30 a.m.)

Here is the link to the entire calendar for families

This Week's Golden Lions!

There were 30 Golden Lions awarded to students this week. Here are the descriptions for each of those Golden Lions. Our students demonstrate GREAT character at Lakeview!

• Isabel was respectfully demonstrating hallway expectations with her hand showing level 0 voice. You were really leading by example for all students in the hallway! Keep being a good leader!

• Kaylee wrote a book with sentences and illustrations. She used the words "see", "I", "can" and "look" in her book!

• Kiyus is a super helper. Kiyus organizes our lunch count. He sweeps up spills. Kiyus helps other students who are learning to zip their coats. He does all this without being asked!

• Braxton shows he is engaged by recognizing all the snap words on the white cards.

• Caleb shows he is engaged by recognizing all the snap words on the white cards.

• Addie showed she was engaged by using what she learned in Phonics to try to figure out a word she didn’t know. She noticed the word had double consonants in the middle and tried to break the word apart there. Good effort Addie!

• In Reading, we learned that we can "talk back" to the text about whether we agree or disagree with an author's perspective on a topic. I "caught" Alexa using this strategy independently. She looked for clues to figure out the author's opinion, then jotted her ideas during reading time. Way to be engaged with your text, Alexa!

• Mariah recognized that a student needed help finding a chair to join our group, so she stopped what she was doing to help him out. She empathized with him and took care of him by getting him a chair so he could join our group.

• Ravyn was being very kind to her classmates during Library. She was especially kind and generous when she let another student have the book that she was going to checkout. Keep up the good work Ravyn! - Mr. Franecki

• Gavin recognizes all the snap words on the purple cards! Keep up the great work!

• Caleb recognizes all the snap words on the purple cards! Keep up the great work!

• Vivvy recognizes all the snap words on the purple cards! Keep up the great work!

• Jaliyah recognizes all the snap words on the purple cards! Keep up the great work!

• The other day Aiden took over coaching a group on Math when Mrs. Sodemann needed to take care of something. He respectfully asked good probing questions to make sure the group was learning and understanding the Math. What great leadership Aiden!

• Peair worked so hard one on one with me and was engaged the whole time! He put in tons of effort and it did not go unnoticed. Great job, Peair! Keep it up!

• Alterriah knows that spelling word wall words correctly is important. During Writing, when she comes to a word she isn't sure how to spell, she looks it up in her personal word wall. Thank you, Alterriah, for making your writing easier for you and your audience to read.

• Jameson has been working really hard on learning ALL the snap words. When there were just a few that he needed to practice - HE ASKED ME - to practice spelling them on his arm to try and learn them! Now that is awesome trying to learn new things!

• Asher has been doing an amazing job during our recorder unit in music! His eyes are on the music, he is following directions immediately, his finger position is always correct, and I could go on and on. Great job Asher!

• Skyler has pushed himself to work hard in order to make sense of our math learning target. He has sought out extra opportunities for practice in order to ensure he truly understands. Skyler has done a great job taking charge of his learning! Way to go!

• Aaliyah has done a great job of taking ownership for her learning. She regularly seeks out feedback from teachers in order to ensure she is on track to meet our learning target. She asks lots of questions, participates in whatever we are practicing, and then stays focused on her independent practice. Way to go, Aaliyah!

• Jeremiah is a student that is consistently respectful to his classmates. He is able to work with any classmate, has flexible thinking and always has a positive attitude. Jeremiah makes our classroom a great place to be! Thanks, Jeremiah!

• On Tuesday, Carter listened to Mrs. Zoellner's Writing mini-lesson and started his small moment story with a new lead, "One day..." He even went up to the Smart Board and copied the words correctly. Carter, I am so glad that you are listening to Mrs. Zoellner and learning new things!

• During Reading today, Ameerah was a able to find a solution to a problem that might have prevented her from getting to work, and was able to get started right away. Way to be engaged, Ameerah. Keep it up!

• Nathan was very engaged during small group work today. He was focused and used good habits and strategies when reading. Thank you Nathan for your hard work today! Keep it up!

• Laila was respectful when she made sure to control her actions the whole day and let not only herself but others learn. She was also a good leader with some younger friends in the school helping them to play respectfully with one another.

• [Name] stayed with his class without reminders from teachers for a whole week.

• Stella wrote a booklet about farms. She used snap words and phonics to sound out words.

• Alterriah stayed incredibly engaged in her small group reading work. She worked so hard on her summary. Keep it up Alterriah!

• Landen stayed incredibly engaged in his small group reading work. He worked so hard on his summary. Keep it up Landen!

• Rylee saw a student was struggling and she reached out to the student and read this student a book to help them calm down.

Roar Awards!

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.