2X Booking Challenge!

Team Villarreal - September 2013

Just Book it!

Booking is what will keep your business moving forward. I strongly believe this is where the magic happens. I challenge you to book 2 shows in the next 72 hours! You have until Monday Sep.16th at midnight to post your results on our FB thread and to upload them in the system.

All those who book will earn a free pack of holiday minis! Perfect for your shows!

Best of luck!


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This is my calendar...

So I have 1 vendor show, 1 online show and 3 classic home trunk shows. I want to book 2 more for September because I want to take advantage of the Stack Up Rewards Promo this month and have free credits for the holiday line! So I'm doing this with you!

Please book two "classic home shows". This will get you the most bang for your buck and practice to work on your trunk show skills when you do them. Vendor and online shows don't give you that learning experience and practice so much.

How do I book?

1. Make a big list: Include type of group, phone number and what ever you have in common with that person (will help conversation flow on the phone) it can be a past purchase, her kids, a hobby..

2. Use the September Words to Say: Print them, tweak them and make them your own. They are under September Tools in the Stylist Lounge.

3. Set a time and close the door, no distractions..,focused time can go a long way. Have your available dates marked in the calendar ready to go.

4. Just book!

* Positive attitude, enthusiastic, honest...this comes through in a call! Enjoy the process! Embrace it!

Get ready to shine! Love ya! Melissa