Weekly Launch

October 23-27


This week will be a busy week!

Please continue to remind students of hallway, bathroom and cafeteria expectations. We are seeing an increase in behaviors in these areas. Spend some morning meeting times talking about this.

Thank you to Dawn for holding down the fort while Suzi, Jen M and I were at the character conference. Can't wait to share all the great learning from our conference.

A big shout out to Mrs. Kramer, Ms. Bach, Ms. Mills, Mrs. Turrentine, Mrs. Janese, Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Hirsch for applying for a mini-grant! Also, congrats to Mrs. Hirsch and Ms. Radler for getting their Donors Choose ideas funded! Can't wait to see the books in student's hands!

I have noticed that tutoring is in full swing! Yay! If you are running late, please don't hesitate to text Suzi, Renee or I and we will let your students in the door.

Oct. 27 will be a Kona Ice Day. We will be using these as a fundraiser this year instead of Yankee candle. We will be sending home flyers on Tuesday letting parents know they can send in $2 for a sno cone. You will receive an envelope to collect the money and keep track of who paid. On the 27th, you will bring the envelope with you when you pickup your students from lunch. They will go out the back door of the cafeteria and the Kona truck will be there dispensing sno cones. You will then go around back to the playground to eat them and then back to class. On this first visit, Kona will give every child a sno cone even if they didn't pay(but only this time-we won't advertise this). We will plan about 3-4 more of these days throughout the year. Please start letting your parents know in the peeks you send home.

Thank you for a wonderful Bosses Day!

Thank you so much for the $50 gift card to Macy's! I definitely love to shop! I am so lucky to have the best staff in CCISD. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. I would not want to be anywhere else!

Important Dates

Wear Jeans all week for Red Ribbon week!

October 23-GT Testing-2nd grade

Wear Red with jeans

Jen B off campus 1:00-3:00


October 24-Jen B. out in a.m.

Wear your favorite team jersey-would be a great Astro's jersey day

GT Testing-2nd grade

Kinder Learning Progression math-am/ SS-pm


5:00 Standards based grading meeting for parents

October 25- GT testing-2nd grade

Wear clothes backwards

Faculty Meeting-2nd/3rd snacks


8:15-Standards based grading meeting for parents

October 26-GT testing-2nd grade

Wear your grade level color-5th-yellow, 4th-green, 3rd-purple, 2nd-Blue, 1st-red, kinder-orange

4th and 5th grade math collaboration

Donuts with Dad

NSOC writing team meets all day


October 27-GT testing-2nd grade

Wear wacky socks and hair


Donuts with Dad

LOL money due

Share character idea on it's learning

School Dance 6-8 pm

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Perseverance

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Florez

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Word of the Week-demonstrate

Book Fair in Library all week!

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Compliments for:

Sue Witt-She helped us roll out tablets 7 days after our return to school! It was seamless. And in case on one noticed, she is here most everyday even though she went "part-time"

Sonjia and Ginger-they have been so inclusive and welcoming to me! It has been such a comfort and a joy to work with these phenomenal leaders-Mindy

Nicole-She does our second grade calendar and our Peek of the Week-Christine

Go NPE! Keep up the Dreambox use! This is a great homework activity for all students!

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