February Tech Tips

Google and research

Infobits Database

This is a screencast on how students can download full text documents to their Google Drive.


Britannica Learning Zone

Electronic Library of Minnesota

Here are all the databases available for kids.


Google Cultural Institute

This site showcases exhibits and collections of museums from all over the world. This is a wonderful way to introduce students to primary resources. This is a very interesting site.


Google Alerts

This is a tool I find useful for myself. I do a lot of scouring on the internet for coding information for kids, digital citizen information, new books, book award winners and technology in education. By creating a Google Alert, you can be emailed notifications any time Google finds new results on a topic that interests you. This is a big time saver, and it keeps me up to date daily.


Let me know if there is any way I can help you with research, digital presentations(S'more,Google slides etc.) or putting projects your students have done into their Schoology portfolio. I would be willing to help out whenever I can.