The Giver

By: Lois Lowry


It is written in the point of view of Jonas, who is an 11 year old boy. It is in a futuristic society that has eliminated all pain, fear, war and hatred. Everyone acts basically the same. The society has also eliminated choice, so at age 12 everyone is assigned a job based on their abilities and interests.


Jonas lives with his dad and his little sister. He is different than everyone in his community. He is about to turn 12 so he will be assigned a job at the ceremony coming up. He is given a highly honored assignment of receiver of memory, which revives memories from the past. He gets the memories from a man who is called the giver. Jonas gets frustrated with the people of his community because they don't feel pain, fear, or hatred, but he can.


I thought it was a good book because it kept me interested. I would recommend this book for others. I would recommend this book for people who like action and adventure.