HCDE's Teaching and Learning Center

Then and Now

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Teamwork makes the dream work!

The members of the Teaching and Learning Center have been operating within content area silos. We are currently working to find ways to work together to create synergy on our team. When a team has the power of encouragement coupled with the power in collaborative thinking models, they will achieve far more than when they work alone.

Then and Now: Within the TLC Division

  • Senior Director has challenged each Curriculum Director to provide a minimum of 75 workshops over the course of one academic year
  • Senior Director meets with TLC team every week to "huddle" together and stay connected to the goals of the division.
  • The TLC team has created a mission statement to guide the work of each team member working as a collaborative group of people around one common purpose.
  • The Senior Director, Director of Special Projects and the Financial Assistant are working together to put systems in place, including the 120 day marketing timeline. These systems will provide structures and processes to increase productivity.
  • Each member of the TLC division is creating a 30-60 second video clip, highlighting what that person can offer the public through the Teaching and Learning Center.

Collaborating with other HCDE divisions

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TLC is building partnerships with other HCDE divisions

  • Every director in the TLC is currently working with the Grants division to creatively fund opportunities for our learning community
  • Senior Director is hosting biweekly "coffee talks" with both the Client Engagement and Communications departments to stay connected as a team and coordinating efforts as a team to beat support reaching out to meet the specific needs of our community's needs.
  • Senior Director is leading the TLC Curriculum Directors through state-wide and county-wide data analysis to best serve our community through providing relevant professional learning opportunities.
  • One of the main goals of the Senior Director includes building relationships with central office staff and campus administrators through one on one meetings to seek knowledge of how HCDE can best serve the 25 school districts in our county and beyond.
  • TLC team members are actively seeking opportunities to increase visibility through volunteer services on school campuses in the area.
  • The Senior Director and Director of Special Projects are working closely with members of the Research and Evaluation Division to plan and prepare for an annual leadership gathering of education leaders from greater Harris County to strategically gain input to guide future professional learning opportunities HCDE will offer. They are working collaboratively with Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Kimberly McLeod to capture this work in an effort to publish the data and the story of success in the participating school districts. They are also working with the Grants division to possibly provide grant funded opportunities for 10 school districts to participate in on going professional learning over the course of three years.
  • TLC and the Communications division are taking a close look at the timeline for advertising/marketing campaigns for the work of the TLC directors. As a result, TLC is creating and implementing processes and procedures to improve communication between the divisions. Additionally, TLC is assisting both the Communicatuons and Client Engagement divisions to clean up email lists and create a more robust system of email outreach.
  • The Senior Director and Director of Special Projects are working with the ECPA division to support future principals.