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ENL Kindergarten ...What's coming up in our "sweet" week!

September 26, 2016 >>>>>>>>>>>>Edition 2

Happy Monday, Happy Fall!

Happy Rosh Hashanah for those of you who celebrate!

This week we will be ending Unit 1 Week 3, and beginning Week 4.

(See below for all learning objectives and literature!)

The children are making wonderful friendships here in class!

I am very excited to see them grow socially and academically as we

begin our second week together!

Thank you for sharing your children with me! :) Mrs. Martellucci

Reading Street: Unit 1

Big Question: How do we live, work, and play together?

Amazing Words and Vocabulary

Week 3- platypus (bill, feet, tail), lost, market, around, found, groceries, shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, grandma, shirt, park, up-down, in-out, back and forth

Week 4- bakery,bread, cake, cookies, fire station, fire fighter, hose, ladder, fire, park, swings, slide, monkey bars, post office, mail box, letter, stamp, library, librarian, books library card, chaperone, scrumptious, stop-drop-roll, planet, steers, splendid,

Skill Objectives and Academic Language

Genre: Week 3- Realistic fiction, Week 4- Animal Fantasy

Comprehension Skill: Week 3-sequence, Week 4-sequence, classify and categorize

Grammar Skill: Week 3- adjectives, Week 4- verbs


Week 3

Big Book: Plaidypus Lost by Janet Stevens

Talk with Me/Sing with Me: "Purple Platypus"

Week 4

Modified Read aloud: "Let's Go to the Park"

Big Book: Mrs. Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip by Joseph Slate
Talk with Me/Sing with Me: "On a Field Trip We Go"
Concept Literacy: Who Helps by Joseph Barbaro

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Some important links for you!

Click here "Kindergarten Website"

For your convenience, here is the Kindergarten and Pre-K Center page on the Oceanside School's website.

Click here for "Storyline Online"

This is an excellent website for listening to books! Stories are read by famous actors and actresses!

Click here for "ABC Ya"

This website will help your child practice Kindergarten math and reading skills.

Click here for "Starfall"

This is a wonderful site to practice letters, sounds, and other various kindergarten skills.

ENL Back to School Night

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 6:45pm

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

Please come to my classroom, room 220, for a brief "meet and greet". I look forward to discussing the curriculum and format of the class. See you then!

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