China Shadows U.S. ship by islands

U.S. Navy ship was by China's islands illegally.


S: China has a group of artificial islands and technically the U.S. can't go near them legally.

O: The U.S. went into China's territory and China got upset about it.

A: This article is written for anyone interested in our relationship with China.

P: The purpose is to inform us about a possible blunder in our relationship with China.

S: The speakers are Ben Blanchard and Andrea Shalal with Reuters.

Tone: The tone is cautious in some ways because the writers had to avoid saying the wrong thing.

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Rebuked: express sharp disapproval or criticism or (someone) because of their behavior or actions.

Deliberation: long and careful consideration or discussion

Coercive: relating to or using force or threats

Envoy: messenger or representative

Archipelago: a group of islands

WOW Statement

I wonder if the invasion of China's archipelago will mess up our connection with them. They rebuked our actions and it could definitely turn coercive. These actions could turn into a large fight between our two countries.

As a U.S. citizen I wonder if I should be worried for any attacks that could happen if China really takes this too far. I feel like they would be pushing things if they acted on thus, but people these days will fight over anything. Most actions like this seem like a threat to other countries so that is understandable.

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