Hawai'i Becoming a State


----------------------- THESIS----------------------

On January 17, 1893, the potentiality of the Hawaiian Kingdom being overthrown was conceivably made with historical leaders like President Benjamin Harrison, Minister John L. Stevens, and President William McKinley.

The Involvement of Hawaii's Historical Overthrow

---------------Historical Significance---------------

Historical guiders such as President Benjamin Harrison, Minister John L. Stevens, and President William McKinley were substantial to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. This topic is import in history for us to be able to understand what is going on in the present time of our state. We all have questions we keep to ourselves about where we live and what happened in the past. Therefore, by knowing the role of the United States government in the overthrow, we are able to see whether Hawai'i was legally and lawfully a state of the Union. Based on my project, I would want the readers to take away the influential concepts of what took place in the history of Hawai'i. I am pretty sure that we have heard about the people that took place in the states past; however, we do not know exactly what took place and what they have done. Accordingly, readers would take and know that without our history, we wouldn't be where we are today.


By being able to learn about the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, I believe that Hawai’i isn't legally and lawfully a State of the Union. First of all, when foreigners and missionaries arrived to the Hawaiian Islands, everything changed for the lives of Native Hawaiians. They took over Hawai'i as if it was already their own, and people who already lived there didn't have the opportunity to say and speak for themselves. Instead, it is as if they were abducted, but in their own territory. So with the arrival of foreigners and missionaries, the Hawaiian Kingdom went downhill and controlled as if it was already a territory of the United States. Therefore, in my opinion, I believe that Hawai’i isn't legally and lawfully a State of the Union.


Ku'u Pua I Paoakalani - Queen Lili'uokalani (1838-1917)

------Ku`u Pua I Paoakalani - Queen Lili`uokalani------

This song, otherwise known and referred to as "My flowers at Paoakalani", is written by Queen Lili'uokalani. The queen wrote this song in 1895 when she was under house arrest and imprisoned. She resided at 'Iolani Palace, living there until she died in the year 1917. This song was meaningful in a way of support and reliability. A haole supporter named John Wilson would bring her flowers wrapped in newspapers so she would be able to read the news that is going on in her kingdom during the takeover of foreigners. This would be one of the ways as to how she knows what was going on in her kingdom.


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