Walk Two Moons By: Sharon Creech

BY: Francesca Jofre


Salamanca Hiddle is on a road trip with her grandparents and they are heading to Lewiston, Idaho to visit Sal's mom before her birthday. Sal and her father have just moved from Bybanks, Kentucky to Euclid, Ohio. In Euclid, Sal makes a new friend named Phoebe Winterbottom who has a vivid imagination. On their road, Sal tells several stories about Sal and Phoebe's adventures that help her better understands herself.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel, the author foreshadows and gives numerous clues to the unexpected ending of three of the characters.

Mike Bickle's True Identity

Mike's true identity is revealed through clues throughout the novel. Sal and Phoebe have become good friends and one day when they are about to leave Phoebe's house someone knocks on the door. The man at the door says "Is this 49 Grey Street and do the Winterbottoms live here?" The man was nervous and kept looking up and down the street. The man was blushing when he asked if he could speak to Mrs. Winterbottom. The girls said no, so he left (pg.43-45). Since the man was nervous he couldn't of been going out with Mrs. Winterbottom because he wouldn't of come by the house because he would of known better than to show up at her house so there had to be a better reason. One night, Sal and Phoebe snuck into Mrs. Cadaver's house because they thought no one was in the house but it turns out Mrs. Partridge, Mrs. Cadaver's mother, was in the house. Mrs. Partridge said "Oh Phoebe, i think i met your brother." (pg.193). This was odd because Phoebe didn't have a brother. Mrs. Partridge is blind and in the starting of the book Mrs. Partridge felt Phoebe's face because that's what what she did to recognize people since she couldn't see. When the man, who came to Phoebe's door, was looking for their house maybe he came to Mrs. Cadaver's door by accident. Mrs. Partridge was probably on the deck out front and, to recognize him, she probably felt his face and saw the resemblance.

Sal's Mom's Death

Ever since the beginning of the book there have been clues that show Sal's mom died in a bus accident. Sal's mother has left and her and her father are waiting to hear from her. On the night that they got the bad news--that her mother was not returning--her father pounded on the wall with a chisel and a hammer (pg.3). The part where it says "...that she was not returning..." is tricky because it is obvious that she is not returning anytime soon but what it really means is that her mom will never return because she is dead. "Every time I saw a bus, I watched it sway. I watched its tires spin dangerously close to the gravel at the road's edge. I watched it plunge on, eating up the road, defying those curves."(pg.227) She is referring to her mom's bus accident where it lost control and drove of the edge of a mountain. She couldn't be talking about just any bus accident so it had to be her mom's.

Gram's Death

In the beginning of the book Gram is shown as a strong character, but as the story goes on you start to see Grams sensitive side. Right now in their road trip they are in Sioux Falls when a snake bites Gram. " 'It's a water moccasin, isn't it?' Gram says 'It's a poisonous one, isn't it?' "(pg.95) Of course that cant be good, because if you don't treat it correctly and soon enough ,that person could die or get really sick. Since they're out in the middle of no where there probably isn't a hospital nearby. "At Coeur d'Alene, we went straight to the hospital. Gramps had tried to wake Gram when he saw the lake. 'Gooseberry?' Gramps said. She slumped sideways on the seat. 'Gooseberry?' "(pg.256) Grams definitely not feeling well because you would normally at least make a little noise when being woken up.


Throughout the story, the author hints and foreshadows the surprising endings of three of the characters, Mike Bickle, Sal's mother, and Gram. These clues help us foresee what will happen in the future of the book. You might not see them as clearly when you first read the book but when you look back at the book you will be surprised.