Metric Mania: Length Measurements

The metric meter is one of the seven SI Base Units.

The Meter

Each of these base units are independent and are based off/defined by physical things. One of these SI Base Units is the meter. The meter is currently defined by the distance light travels in 1/299,792,458 of a second.

History of the Meter

The meter has been defined by many different things over time.

Prefixes for SI Units

Most commonly used are Bold.

tera T 1000000000000

giga G 1000000000

mega M 1000000

kilo k 1000

hecto h 100

deca da 10

Base 1

deci d 0.1

centi c 0.01

milli m 0.001

micro μ 0.000001

nano n 0.000000001

pico p 0.000000000001

Factor Label Method/Dimensional Analysis

Factor Label Method/Dimensional Analysis, is a method of converting from one metric unit to another. The set up looks like this: _____x=____x • ____x/____x

Ex: _____km=1000m • 1000m/1km

1km=1000m • 1000m/1km

The numerator of the fraction that you multiply by, has the same unit as the number/numerator of the fraction before.

Factor Label Method Practice

1. Measure 5 objects in inches.

2. Use Factor Label Method to convert the measurements to centimeters.

3. Then convert the measurements to miles.

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