Social Media in a Safe Manner

By: Holden Robinson

Social Media

There are a lot of ways that people can get in trouble when using social media. There are also many ways that you can be safe on social media. The purpose of this flyer is to help protect and inform you of the dangers and ways to be safe on social media. It is important to share because there are a lot of people getting in trouble on social media every day.

The Dangers of Social Media

In this article you will learn the dangers that might happen if you don not use it safe.

  • You might go to jail if it is offensive or illegal.
  • You might be blackmailed if you post something they can blackmail you with.
  • You might be bullied if you post something that kids can bully you with.
  • You might send a text or picture to the wrong person

Stay safe

This article is about tips that can help you stay safe online. It can help others because if someone follows these things, than you will be safe online and you won't get in trouble.

Things to Remember When Posting on Social Media

In this paragraph I will give you some tips to remember when posting on social media.

  1. Once it is posted it will always be posted. If you post something it will always be there even if you try to delete it.
  2. Know who will be able see it. Make sure when you post something only people you trust can see it.
  3. Keep your personal informational information personal. People can use it differently.
  4. Make special passwords. The more unique your password, the harder it will be to hack it.
  5. learn and use the privacy and security settings in the website. The exist for a reason.

Summing It all up

If you payed attention and follow these tips than you will be safe online.