Room 8 News

Mrs. Fitzgerald, 3rd Grade

February 12, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a super fun Valentine's Day party, filled with lots of games, special punch, and cards! Thank you again for all the donations which made our party a success!

This week in math we learned how to write common and decimal fractions, as well as how to measure to a tenth of a centimeter. We learned how to identify and draw transformations (translations, rotations, and reflections). We also learned how to find the mean of a set of data.

I hope you all have a wonderful 3-day weekend and a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Scholastic Book Orders

February book orders were due today, however you can order books from scholastic at anytime if you're ordering online! Just go to and enter our class code (J3WVN). This is a great resource for finding higher-leveled and nonfiction books!

No School

Just a reminder that there will be no school on Monday, February 15, in observance of President's Day. Enjoy your three-day weekend!

Next Week's Spelling

    1. baseball

    2. basketball

    3. upstairs

    4. myself

    5. highway

    6. classroom

    7. anyway

    8. newspaper

    9. something

    10. sometimes

    11. chalkboard

    12. earrings

    13. nighttime

    14. motorcycle

    15. downstairs

    16. softball

    17. weekend

    18. classmate

    19. doorbell

    20. driveway

    21. courtroom

    22. ourselves

    23. heartbroken

    24. teammate

    25. skateboard

    Coming Up On Math Assessment 17...

    · Solving a division story problem

    · Solving a multiplication story problem

    · Showing fractions by shading

    · Writing an improper fraction as a whole number

    · Naming polygons

    · Drawing a line of symmetry

    · Estimating a multiplication problem

    · Finding elapsed time

    · Solving division problems with remainders

    Calendar Reminders...

    Please refer to for all important calendar dates (tests, projects, reports, etc.).