By:Edwin Zamudio


Mice are eating the grains crops for these farmers in Joliet and owls are found dead near I&M.

Background info

The common barn owl eats everything it can except for hair and bones and that is packed into a pellet which they regurgitate. Using the pellet we can calculate how many mice they eat. The mice also eat crops that the farmers had complaint about. The mice and barn owls have a certain interaction.

Could the death of 3 barn owls cause all the crop damage report at the Kruger farm?

Yes the owls death caused the giant damage from the mice.
Scientist looked at this problem by observing the owl pellets and seeing how many skulls of mice they had and that was how many mice they ate. They did that to see if 3 owls could eat enough mice to stop them from reproducing and destorying the farmer crops.


When we opened up the owl pellet we found that the pellet had many mice heads , almost 3 mice average per pellet this data is important because this supports the owls eat a lot of the mice which eat crop and if nobody controls them they will just eat the crops and become a big population


The owls are needed to stop the mice from eating the farmers crops but how can we stop them if no owls are in the area? Bring more barn owls from other places. They can do the same job the barn owls did and eat all the mice and stop them from reproducing and eat the crops but one problem is what killed those owls also it simply could have just been shooting and a later problem to observe.