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Week of May -13, 2016

In the Know....

1. No Jeans this Monday. As you know, we will have visitors in our building from 8-11. Thank you.

2. As a reminder, please make sure your blinds are pulled nightly and check you window to ensure it is secure. Our night custodians shared that a few windows were not secured. This is very important to remember nightly.

3. Milestone information is slowly coming out for 3rd and 5th grade. As Anita has shared we have 89% of our 3rd graders are proficient or higher. We will keep you posted as 5th grade is shared with us. A Summer Opportunity will be provided for any student in 3rd or 5th grade with scores below and/or student who might need any extra support this summer. Scores this year will not impact a students promotion or retention for these grades.

4. Cleaning this summer: The night cleaning crew will wax the cafe and shampoo classroom carpets (FC issued, not personal rugs) over Memorial day weekend. You are still able to be in the building until Friday, June 3rd.

The building will not be open over the holiday weekend. I will send something out this summer to let you know when the building will be reopen. The Building and Classrooms will be not available over the month of June since the night crew will be waxing throughout the month. Thank you for your understanding... plus you need vacation :)

Please take what you think you might need for over the summer.

5. Morning supervision: I need your help with this please.... It is important that when students start coming down the hallway starting at 7:10, you are in your classroom and not making copies, in the office or media center or in a neighboring classroom. I would not want to explain an accident to a parent that something happened to their child when a class was not being supervised. We think it will not happen, but I seen it happen way to often, not fun to explain to me, HR or the parent. You may stand in your doorways and visit but you need to be in your classroom. I really appreciate your help with this. thank you!

PLC: Professial Learning Communities: DUE BY FRIDAY 5/20!

DUE BY FRIDAY 5/20! As part of our feedback that we received, the interest in providing more time to collaboration is important to ALL of us. Please take some time to participate in this survey as we begin this summer to revamp our time and what collaboration in a PLC looks like. The GLC will be working with Ann Ferrell, a former FC principal and wonderful support for Authentic PLC work. She will use this data to lead our work. The data is anonymous, so please use this opportunity to share strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you so much for your transparency! Your voice is being heard!

Tuesday: retirement celebration

Please join us on Tuesday, May 17th at 3 in the Media center to celebrate two very important people (Alyce and Pam) who are retiring this May. They both will have many years to celebrate and many more to enjoy as they enjoy the life of retirement!

Spring Carnival: What an Event!

Thank you to many of you who took time to come out to the event! It was nice to see you here with your families. Tahnk you for introducing me so I can see your "other half and your children!

This event was one of the best carnivals I have seen in a long, long time!!! PTO is amazing and Senad and his friend Ferid from CMS, put in many, many hours prepping and cleaning after... thank you Senad!

Thank you!!!

Matt and Kris with the PE department needs a huge big thank you for the planning and execution of FIELD DAY.

What a great day! I even beat Ms. Witt and her girls (with the help of her boys) at Tug-a-War with her 1st grade...even though I fell right on my behind!

Thank you also teachers for ensuring it was a great day with all students, they had a great day. I'm sure you and the kids slept well that night!

My schedule this week:

Monday - Friday : In the building :)

** daily calendar posted outside my door.

Thank you for all you do! I am so proud to be your principal!!! #ibelieveinyou!

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