comparing stories

Cinderella vs yeh-shen


the beginning is that yeh-shen had 2 stepsisters and 1 step mother and her friend is a fish that lives in a pond the stepsisters tell her what to do for them. the medial is that the step mom had a dagger behind her back and she stab the fish and cook it for dinner.the end is that yeh shen got marry to the king and lived happily ever after


the beginning is that Cinderella had 2 mean stepsister and st 1 stepmother too the stepsisters tell her what to do. the medal is that she wanted to go to the ball to marry the kings son and run away because the cloak stroke midnight. the end was that the son look all the castle in tell they find Cinderella and they found Cinderella and they got mared.

how are they different

Cinderella is a princess and yeh shen is not.Cinderella has a godmother but yeh shen has a dead fish.

how they are the same

they both lost a slipper. and both got married .they both had a stepmother and 2- stepsisters too.

characters for yeh shen

step mother step sisters and yeh shen

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about the fish

the fish got yeh shen to the feast. it was yeh shen friend fish. but he died from the the stepmom and cook it for dinner

chareters for Cinderella

step mother step sisters Cinderella godmother king son
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