Eagle's Eye View

Parent Edition, 1 October 2016

From the Principal

Dearest Parents,

I hope you all have been enjoying the time with your children as we are Living the Learning at home. I trust that you have been getting some good ideas from your teachers, our website, as well as coming up with some great ideas on your own, in which you can support content and language in your homes. Another idea that I wanted to share is to label items around your house. This is an easy and fun way for your family to learn Spanish together, and can even be extended for the more advanced and proficient Spanish speaker. This link has some pre-made labels in it already created for you! If you want to make more there are many other websites that you can google while searching the correct Spanish/English vocabulary. Google Images is always a great place to find images of household rooms with all sorts of things labeled in it. And for the more fluent Spanish linguist he/she could write a sentence or two that pertains to the word. For example: En el armario yo guardo mis bocadillos favoritos para la semana que entra./In the cupboard I keep all of my favorite snacks for the upcoming week. This activity can actually be a lot of fun and I hope that you all, as a family, are able to enjoy it together as you all become a little more bilingual.

I wish you all the best as we continue to grow together this year and encourage you all to spend time to love and care for each other, to Live the Learning in a way that best supports you and your family, and to continue to READ READ READ! J (Note: Reading out loud really supports oral fluency.) With that being said, I hope that your happiness and joy at home are supported by the school, and thank you all for supporting us at school. It’s great to be a leader when it gets to be with you!

All my best…always,

Sr. Kellito

***Si usted necesita una traducción en español comuníquese con Sr. Kellito, por favor.

Congratulations to Sr. Kellito! He was awarded the 2016 Global Citizen in Public Education by the World Experiences Foundation at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City on October 1st.

PTA News

PTA is off to a great start this year and we appreciate your support. If the cool mornings have you wishing for a Zarrow spirit sweatshirt or fleece jacket information will be coming home in Thursday folders soon. Directories will also be coming out in the month of October. Each family and staff will receive one free copy and additional copies may be purchased for $5.00 each. Our Fall Fundraiser will kick off in November. We will be hosting a Read-A-Thon this year and more information about that will come home in late October.

Maegen Nair
PTA President


We currently have information for 241 of 371 families for our Zarrow directory. Please follow this link to enter your information if you haven't done so yet. The last day to enter information is October 10th! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Faith Simmons at fksimmons@gmail.com - ads are due on October 7th.


PTA Membership

We are SO close to our PTA membership goal of 100%! As of Sept 26 we are at 86%, that means we only need 68 more memberships to have 100%. If you have not already joined, please consider joining. If you have joined, please consider other members of your family like grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even neighbors. Anyone can be a member of our PTA. There are membership forms available in the kiosk outside the office. You can turn in your forms and payment in the PTA box on the wall across from the office. The membership drive ends October 23rd! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Jessica Cross

Membership Chair



We need your pictures! The yearbook will have each student pictured with their photo taken during Fall picture day, but we would also like to see our Eagles in action. Any pictures taken around the school, field trips, soccer games, skate night, scouts, anything that showcases our amazing students is welcome! Submit photos for the yearbook with ReplayIt!! Search Replayit in the app store or Replayit.com

-Select Zarrow International School (NOT 5TH GRADE)


-Submit Pics

-Select category/grade and tag all the people and a brief description

If you already have the app from last year please make sure to select 2016-2017 school year.

This is how we will upload all the pics for the yearbook!

Viva Zarrow

Mark Your Calendars

Viva Zarrow is coming!! Make plans to attend Saturday, March 4th, 2017.

What is Viva Zarrow? Viva Zarrow is our School Spring Fundraiser, its historically the largest fundraiser the school does. Its an evening of silent and live auction, food and drink. It’s a big celebration of our school and its a lot of fun! This year PTA and Foundation are collaborating on this event, this will help both organizations to meet fundraising goals for the year and maintain programs and staffing levels within our amazing school.

We want everyone to “Get On Board”! We want our fundraising totals to just go OVERBOARD and we want everyone to go OVERBOARD with their best tacky tourist outfit - break out the fanny pack and the board shorts - we are taking a cruise together - we are headed to a tropical location!

If you are interested in helping please contact Rachel Simpson (rachel_simpson14@icloud.com).

Hospitality update

Thank you to all who came a had Ice Cream Sundaes at the recent PTA meeting. What a great way to start off the school year. We also had a record attendance at the Kinder Teas & Tissues! Our next event will be to show our appreciate with our Annual Pot Luck luncheon for teachers on Oct. 31st. We will send out a sign up Genius as it gets closer for parents to bring food.

Focus on Foundation

Dear Zarrow Family,

WOW! It’s hard to believe it is already October!

Our 5th graders that are studying abroad in Spain made it safely, & we cannot wait to hear their stories when they return in the coming weeks. Thanks to those who have generously donated to Foundation, we were able to fund 8 scholarships this year for 8 of our Zarrow students to help them make their exchange trip a reality.

Big image

Foundation is now in the middle of our annual fundraising & pledge drive. This year we are “Going for the GOLD!” to help Save Our Staff (SOS). Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 during this campaign so that we can accomplish our mission of keeping Teaching Assistants & AMITY Interns in the classrooms here at Zarrow. These funds also go to fund exchange scholarships & support our Exchange Coordinator & Exchange Program. We encourage you all to donate what you can, & have made it very easy this year for ALL to be involved regardless of amount. We sent an envelope home to every household that includes a flyer & pledge card. Please return these gold pledge flyers in the white envelopes to the front office at Zarrow by Thursday, October 6th. There are some really cool parties & an all-school assembly with fun dress day if we hit our goal of $30,000!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go to like Foundation Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/HZISFoundation/

We have some great videos of Sr. Kellito posted as well as photos & videos of some of our Zarrow Eagles, so please go check it out!

Let’s all continue working together to KEEP ZARROW GREAT!


Jonathan Arnold


HZIS Education Foundation

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Counselor's Corner

I dedicate Counselor’s Corner to my Sweet Mother who died on September 2, 2016. She turned 92 on the day of her funeral.

In the fall of 2010 I asked Mom to write a poem about a monarch butterfly. She wrote it quickly and effortlessly. I included her poem in a send-off letter in fall 2010 to our fifth grade students who were leaving for their immersion trip to San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I have included the poem below.

I saw a monarch butterfly;

I watched it spread its wings.

And circle high above my head,

'Twas such a lovely thing.

It dips and flutters near my ear.

I know I heard it say,

“I'm flying off to Mexico

It's growing cold today.

And though the miles are many,

I'll see such sights from high.

I'll think of you along the way,

But until next spring...

Good bye.

by Frances Herndon Heller Chandler

I recited Mom’s poem at her funeral. The monarch butterfly that spread its wings venturing off to “Mexico” represents Mom flying off to heaven to be reunited with family and friends she loved so dearly.

My first day back at school, Sra. Castell and Sra. Vargas invited me to participate with their students in the release of their class monarch butterfly. They explained how the butterfly had morphed from an egg to a caterpillar to a pupa to a butterfly. The butterfly was released on a beautiful sunny day and I read the poem.

Life at Zarrow is filled with beautiful learning experiences as I just described. Children’s self-confidence grows with wonderful experiences that create lasting, meaningful memories.

In closing, thank you for the love, prayers and support I received from the Zarrow community on the death of my beautiful Mother.

I am grateful to be a part of all the good things at Zarrow!

Host an Intern (for an evening)

If you are interested in hosting an Amity intern for an evening of food and fun or an activity with your family, please contact Buddy Lloyd at bl@lloydlaw.com - this is a great way to get to know our interns as well as expose your family to a brief hosting experience if a semester or year long hosting opportunity is something you'd like to consider in the future. Hosting for an evening counts for volunteer hours so please turn them in.

You may also express your interest utilizing this link: