My Reflections on Skyping with


Who I skyped with☺

(Insert name here) is who I got to Skype with. She likes to paint, draw, and do things that involve art. She also likes to sing and dance. (Insert name here) is in 8th grade. That means she is 5 grades ahead of me! Her favorite subject is biology and she wants to be a doctor or a nurse when she grows up.

Ice Skating☻

(insert name here) sent me a picture of the biggest ice skating rink in their country. The capacity is about 8500 people! This is a picture of what it looks like.

Big image

TALL Tower

(Insert name here) Also sent me a picture of their country's second tallest tower. She said ti was about 500 feet in the air. Here is a picture of what it looks like.
Big image

Comparing me to her

I like to play basketball and she likes to dance. Those are the two things that are different about us. One thing that is the same about us is that we both like to draw or paint. Here are some pictures of what we like to do.