Mustang Minute

January 19, 2022


For when students are absent

If your student is sick/absent from school and they feel well enough to complete their assignments, the teachers do post assignments on their Google Classroom/Canvas. Please encourage your student to check their teacher's virtual classrooms. If your student has any questions, they can always reach out to their teacher through email.

STAR Testing

STAR Reports went home on Thursday/Friday of last week for Reading and Math

Encore/Elective Class Update

6th grade Encore/elective classes (except for Band) rotate each quarter. 6th Grade students' Quarter 3 Encore classes may now be viewed in PowerSchool.

7th and 8th Grade Encore/elective classes (except for Band) rotate each semester. 7th and 8th Grade students' Semester 2 Encore classes may now be viewed in PowerSchool.

Fun ways to review and practice for the Math NC Check In?

  • Gimkit activities are posted on each grade level's Google Classroom Discovery Page.
  • Each question is directly related to specific assessed common core standards.
  • Students gain mastery and competition points for each correct answer and complete Gimkit.
  • Parents can support students by participating in the game along with their student as a "learner." After solving problems independently, students can explain concepts to their parents.

Below are the topics for each grade level...

6th (Join Code - 4bxvobb)

Decimal Operations

Order of Operations

Percent Word Problems

7th - (Join Code- b6qnk5t)



Rational Numbers

8th- (Join Code- zyjtcwc)

Slope Word Problems

Systems of Equations - Graphing

Welcome to the PTA Corner!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following teachers/programs who have earned money from the PTA Thrift Shop (this means that volunteers working at the Thrift Shop this fall/winter have selected these teachers to receive money for their hard-worked hours):

Jennifer Mudd $75

Darlene Smith $75

Malinda Quinn $100

Bobbi Bell (AIG) $150

7th Grade $200

The following teachers/clubs also have some hours banked in their name, and if they reach at least 15 hours by the end of March, they too will receive money to spend in their classrooms!

Aaron Kivette (PE) 14 hours

Jane Barnett 12.75 hours

Leah Moore (Art) 8 hours

Envirothon 7.5 hours

Olivia Metcalf 6.5 hours

Rachel Horowitz 5 hours

James Hall (STEM) 4 hours

Robotics 2 hours

Want to help YOUR favorite teacher/club/team/program earn money? Then sign up for one of the upcoming work sessions at the Cole Park PTA Thrift Shop. (Dates below)

* Each work group earns 2 volunteer hours (plus 30 minutes for the driver!), as well as the opportunity to shop at a 50% discount for clothing/shoes/toys/books.

* NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY and everyone aged 10+ can volunteer (volunteer duties include straightening the front of the store, sweeping/dusting, and hanging new items for sale).

Direct Sign Up:

*None of these dates work for you? Email to set up one that does!


1/23 (Sunday), 2-4 = Thrift Shop Work Group

2/11 (Friday), 6:30-8:30 = Thrift Shop Work Group

2/17 (Thursday), 6-8 = Thrift Shop Work Group

2/28 (Friday), 8:30-9:30am = GENERAL PTA MEETING (Zoom) *Everyone is invited to join

2/27 (Sunday), 2-4 = Thrift Shop Work Group

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Calendar URLs

Click on each link and then click the +Google Calendar button in the bottom right corner to sync with your Google calendar.