Jasiah Jeanty

My Life Growing Up

My Favorite Game

My Favorite Basketball team

my Favorite Basketball team is the New York Knicks.

My Favorite singer

Michael Wayne Atha A.k.a. Yelawolf is my favorite singer

My Favorite football team

Popular things in 2003

On November 12,2003 the #1 pop song was MacArthur Park by Jimmy Webb.

The most popular sports team in 2003 was the Green Bay Packers.

The Most popular game in 2003 was Call of Duty.

In Call of Duty you play as 3 different united nations:the Americans,the British,and the Russians

My Life

I know my mom and dad work hard I understand that but when I grow up i wanna work as hard as they do.Between their real jobs and taking care of me it's alot of work.So that's why I try to just sit back and let my mom relax and take time off of just worrying about what me and my sister are doing and when i grow up i'm gonna take care of my mom ad dad as they do to me.

Important events on November 6

November6,2012-president Barack Obama was reelected over his Republican challenger,Mitt Romney.

November6,1861-Jefferson Davis was elected president of Confederate States of America.

November6,1860-Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, was elected president of the United States, defeating the Northern Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, the Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge, and the Constitutional Union candidate John Bell.

November6,1956-With the the USSR threatening a nuclear attack during the Suez Crisis, the United States worked through the United Nations to achieve a cease-fire between Israel, Britain, and France, on the one hand, and beleaguered Egypt, on the other.

November6,1771-: Aloys Senefelder, the German inventor of lithography; his invention of a new printing process came about by chance while he was seeking an inexpensive method of reproducing plays and musical scores.

November6,1861-On this day in 1861, James A. Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was born in Almonte, Ontario.

Dr. James Naismith was looking for a team sport to keep schoolboys occupied indoors during the winter.He brainstormed ideas and, in 1891, finally found another type of game using a ball. He wrote down 13 simple rules. The idea was for players to throw a ball into goals high above their heads. They were to pass the ball around and not run with it. He nailed two baskets to balconies at opposite ends of the gym, gave the boys a soccer ball, and taught them how to play "basketball." More than 100 years later, the sport is played in gyms all over the world—with most of Naismith's rules still intact. The Basketball Hall of Fame, in Springfield, Mass., is named for him.

November6,1854-John Philip Sousa, America's greatest composer of march music; the popularity of his 136 marches—above all, "The Stars and Stripes Forever"—gained him the title the March King.

November6,1892-English aviator J. W. Alcock, who piloted the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1919.