Lauren Myracle


In TTYL, three best friends, Angela (SnowAngel), Zoe (zoegirl), Maddie (mad maddie), chat about their high school life on an AOL type of instant messaging. They encounter cute boys, mean queen bees, and flirty teachers while going through a drama filled second year of high school.

Reason Book Was Banned

This book discusses sex, pornography, drinking, and student-teacher relationship. A parent complained to the librarian and principal of Ridgefield Middle School. Therefore, the superintendent banned "TTYL" from all Round Rock ISD middle schools. A Round Rock parent and teacher claims "Children have neither the emotional or intellectual ability to deal with this kind of content" (Karen Withers).

Year of Ban

2008 in Round Rock, Texas

My Opinion

As a reader of this book, I agree with the ban of "TTYL" in middle schools of Round Rock ISD. The book contains many references to sex and inappropriate relationships that only people in high school or above should read. Children in middle school have not entered into the atmosphere of high school and with this book, they will enter expecting the same situations. High school does in fact have all that is in "TTYL" but it is something children would think is alright and normal.


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