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Eagles ARISE - Involved

"Involved" is the third ARISE standard (Accountable, Respectful, Involved, Safe, Excelling). Members of GHWS Student Council are some of the most involved in our school. Their responsibilities include: recording and editing the assembly videos; planning, organizing and preparing supplies for school events and helping teachers and other staff around the school. Faculty and staff are grateful for their contributions and the members benefit by gaining valuable experience and connecting to the school and other students while having a lot of fun.

2021 Student Council

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Principal's Message

Here at GWHS we are constantly trying to find ways to make school a great experience for our students. One way we do that is by having shorter terms. We have found that with shorter terms kids see their results faster and stay motivated to stay on top of their grades. In the past we have done six six-week terms per school year and then a couple years ago decided to make them even shorter with eight four-week terms per school year. This way students can get 2 full credits of math or English in a year as well as see their results even a little faster. We are proud of our students and their commitment to success. Go Eagles!!

Attendance - check-in/check-out policy

It is very important for students to remain home when they are ill. However, when they are well, we expect them in every class, every day.

Check-in policy

Students are considered tardy to first period after 8:00 AM. They must enter through the main doors and go straight to class. They do not need to check-in with the office. Breakfast bags will be available to students until 11:30 AM. Students wanting breakfast after school has started may take a breakfast bag. Students must take the entire bag, but they don't have to eat everything in it. Students may not leave class to get breakfast.

Check-out policy

If you need to check your student out of school, please come to the main office with identification. You will need to sign your student out. The office will call the student to the office. Only those listed as contacts on your student's registration can check your student out of school. Please do not check out students the last 10 minutes of the day. If you're unable to pick your student up and would like them to be released early to walk home, you can contact the school from a phone number we have on file for you and we will release your student.

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Student of the Month - Anelicia Soto

Anelicia Soto was GWHS's Student of the Month in December. She received this award for exemplifying GWHS ARISE standards by: having 95% attendance (Accountable), being a student who refuses to swear (Respectful), connecting with others well, being a friend to everyone and helping Achievement Club members feel included and encouraging them to participate in their classes and A-Club activities (Involved), coming to school sober (Safe), and having 19.13 credits as a JUNIOR (Excelling). She's way ahead of the game and will start taking classes at the ATC in the spring.

Anelicia likes being at GWHS and feels teachers really help her understand the material. Math has been hard for her, but Mr. Gardner has helped her “catch on.” She really likes history with Mr. Wilson. He may think she hates it, but she actually finds it to be cool. When I asked her about Achievement Club, her immediate and enthusiastic response was, “I love A-Club so much!” They have helped her keep on track with attendance and keeping her grades up.

Anelicia worked for Quantel until changes were made there recently. In her free time, she likes to shop with friends and sleep and she enjoys taking care of their new Yorkie puppy. Anelicia plans to go to the ATC for one of the medical certificate programs. She’s not sure which one yet, but she feels that doing so will help her achieve her dream of going to school to be a therapist or social worker.

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Slam Poetry with Ms. Durham

Ms. Durham's ELA classes explored power, protest and change in December through a slam poetry unit. She taught that there is no more effective way to influence change than discussing issues. Students wrote poems about topics important to them and performed them in class. Caleb B. reported this was his "favorite unit ever. Ever!" Ms. Durham is putting the poems together in a volume of "Voices of George Washington High School" to be shared in the school. Here are a couple:

"World" by Mikalei F.

When all colors can blend together without judgment

And all can do as they please, when we can wear ourselves without fear of others, and be who we want to be

When black smog is gone and all can breathe free air

Without pollution filling the air

When people can understand that the world is our friend

And need to treat it with care

Ocean, jungles, rivers and lakes covered with plastic and waste

Animals suffering because people don't care

All this can be stopped if people would just care

Open their eyes and see the world's dying and it's because of us


And to be kind to one another

can stop if we put effort into the world again

"Change and Want" by Alonzo G.

We want change

Change our government with more valuable and reliable individuals

We want more jobs to feed our children

We want change

We want opportunity

Change our schools into a more realistic and healthier palace

We want our children and their children to be the leaders of tomorrow

We want opportunity

These things need to be heard

None of them shouldn't be

They don't understand us

They don't believe in us

We need to prove them wrong

We need to change

Students Performing Their Poems

Achievement Club

Our Achievement Club Student Advocates provide Tier 3 support to our most at-risk students. They accomplish this by building trusting relationships with their assigned caseloads and support them in improving their academic, attendance, behavior and SEL data. Achievement Club supports include daily check ins, monthly phone calls home and monthly home visits. In addition, they are trained to facilitate interventions, provide classroom support, conduct goal setting sessions, utilize community resources and coordinate homework nights. They believe every student wants to be successful, and they know that a reliable adult who cares and will advocate on their behalf can make all the difference.

A-Club Activities

OTECH Scholarships

Did you know OTECH offers scholarships to graduating seniors? Check out the attachment for more information.