The American dream

By: Vance David January Wade

The American Dream

The American Dream is having the opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through ones hard work or determination.

Characteristics of an American Dream

  • Happiness
  • Freedom
  • Prosperity

My American dream

My American dream is to get a masters in Architectural Engineering and have the knowledge to build my own house and other essential buildings to sustain a ranch or farm. The house, which is going to be on a big piece of land where there is open fields and mountains out in the distance, is going to be three story's and I will design every part.

My Dream includes the characteristics of prosperity,freedom, and happiness. when i'm older I want to prosper in life by getting a good education and getting enough money to be over average. With my education I want to become an architectural engineer so I can build my house. Having money easily available so that I can have the freedom to buy land and build a house where ever I want. In return, I gain happiness because I get to live in an open area with a good scenic view and I have an advantage because I have more knowledge than others.

Symbol of My American Dream

The construction hat symbolizes the Engineer I want to be and how I want to build my own house, because in a construction zone Engineers wear these hats to protect themselves if debris were to fall.