8th Grade Math

With Ms. Johnston - Week of April 19th

Georgia Milestones

This week students will continue to take the Georgia Milestones Exam. Students will be revisiting and reviewing line of best fit, linear equations, and systems of equations. After the Georgia Milestones Exam is finished, we will schedule a quiz and test over systems of equations.

Important Dates

April 16 - April 28 - Georgia Milestones Exam

Upcoming 9th grade parent/student nights are scheduled at the high schools on the dates below. Please make time to attend as you will get course requests, extra-curricular information, meet staff and see the school.

NPHS – April 20th @ 5:30pm (honors meetings @ 7pm)

Tutoring is offered every Thursday morning. However, I am available upon request to tutor at other times.

Classroom Needs

Dry erase markers!! Students love using small whiteboards (which I have plenty of), but they seem to go through dry erase markers very quickly!


I post all of our class notes on our class edmodo page. This is a GREAT resource if your student is confused about what we are doing in class.

You can join our edmodo page by following this link: https://edmo.do/j/yeu5sm

Other Resources:

Ms. Johnston's Contact Information

Always feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments, or concerns!