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Peachtree Elementary cultivates respectful and principled students of all backgrounds to become self-motivated, responsible learners who problem-solve in order to make the world a better place; offering an environment for students to celebrate diversity and develop empathy, while providing a world class education.
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The fourth quarter of the school tends to go by very quickly. It is hard to believe that next week will be the start of April. There is so much going on so I encourage you to carefully review the Post each week, and all communication from your student's teachers, so that you will be fully informed.

Thank you to everyone who has been taking part in sending in SHOUT-OUTS to our staff. I am so proud to be the Principal of Peachtree Elementary School. Our staff is amazing! They are hard-working and dedicated to your students. Your SHOUT-OUTS really mean the world to our teachers!

Important information about Race TryOuts for Digital Learners

Digital Learners who would like the opportunity to tryout to qualify for participation in the Mile Run and/or the 60 Meter Dash must register for tryouts. Use the link below to register. In-Person students DO NEED TO NOT REGISTER. Their tryouts will occur during class.

Los estudiantes digitales que deseen tener la oportunidad de hacer pruebas para calificar para participar en Mile Run o 60 Meter Dash deben registrarse para las pruebas. Utilice el enlace a continuación para registrarse. Los estudiantes en persona NO NECESITAN REGISTRARSE. Sus pruebas se realizarán durante la clase.

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You can try out for the Mile Run and the 60 Meter Dash during the same time slot.

The 60 Meter Dash is open to all 3rd - 5th graders.

Mile Run open to all 2nd - 5th graders.

Please park up by the gym and come to the gym door.

Students will run their race/s on the track and it should take about 25 minutes.

Please bring a water bottle with you for the time trials.

Se Puede hacer prueba para la carrera de Mile Run y la carrera de 60 metros en la misma horaria. La carrera de 60 metros está abierto a todos los estudiantes de tercero a quinto grado. Mile Run está disponible para todos los estudiantes de 2º a 5º grado. Estacione junto al gimnasio y acérquese a la puerta del gimnasio. El estudiante correrá allí en la pista su carrera y debería tomar alrededor de 25 minutos. Por favor traiga una botella de agua para las pruebas.
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About the Georgia Milestones Assessments

Gwinnett County Public Schools will administer the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessments to students in grades 3-5 to measure achievement in Reading, Language, Mathematics and Science (Grade 5 only). While the tests measure each individual student’s mastery of the curriculum during the school year, they also help teachers and schools better understand the impact COVID-19 has had on learning and identify what resources and supports our students will need in the coming school year.

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Let the Peachtree Staff Know you recognize their hard work, talent, and commitment!

For the next couple of weeks, we are accepting SHOUT-OUTS! Please take a minute to recognize the hard work your child's teacher and other staff members do. It is super easy! Click on the link below and tell us the person's name and what makes them great. Recruit your student to help you! You can include your name or ask to be anonymous. Your SHOUT-OUT will be shared on the PTA Facebook page and The Peachtree Post over the next few of weeks!

¡Durante las próximas dos semanas estamos aceptando SHOUT OUTS(felicitaciones)! Por favor, tómese un minuto para reconocer el duro trabajo que hacen los profesores de su hijo y otros miembros del personal. Es muy fácil. Haga clic en el enlace de abajo y díganos el nombre de la persona y lo que los hace grandes. ¡Recluta a tu estudiante para que te ayude! Puedes incluir tu nombre o pedir que sea anónimo. Tu SHOUT OUT(felicitaciones)! será compartido en la página de Facebook de la PTA y en The Peachtree Post durante las próximas semanas.

Ms. Runaldue

She takes care of the school! - Yumey

Ms. Rivera

She helps kids that need help with their work - Yumey

Ms. Livingston

The counselor help people that need help - Yumey

Ms. Langley

Miss Langley cares about her students and treats them with respect. She meets them where they're at and gives them the attention they need. We really appreciate her!

Ms. Owens

Ms Owens is kind and patient with her students and helps each to succeed in their own way. We really appreciate how she helps us know what we need to know to help our student learn and grow. Thank you Ms Owens!

Lauren Held

I am sure it is equally difficult on digital learning teachers as it is students and parents but Ms. Held has it all down.! I love how she works with students for every subject lesson next she makes sure that they understand before moving on she can be tough when need be to make sure everyone is on task but she so sweet when coming on in the morning and leaving at the end of the day.! We are very lucky to have her as our teacher this year keeping in constant contact with parents is a plus. Thank you Ms. Held for all you do..!

Ms. Vaughan

Her art is beautiful. - Yumey

Mr. O'Neill

He is a good music teacher - Yumey

I don't know much about our girls' music class or teacher but I know they sing the songs they learn in his class all the time and they talk about his class a lot! It seems like he's really engaging and fun and that he respects the multicultural aspects of music. Thank you Mr. O'Neill!

Coach Senf

He is the reason I started running.- LeJane Oglesby

He cares about our health - Yumey

Ms. Murphy

She teaches so well I have been getting 100% on my test more than I can count. -LeJane Oglesby

Yolanda Sato

She is awesome! She helps us learn to be disciplined for middle school.

She placed a virtual zoom field trip for the Atlanta Zoo. It was so cool. Thanks! She is an awesome teacher. I do not know if I could make it to 6th grade without her. She makes digital learning so much fun. Thank you! I used to think you were scary. Look who's having fun? Me!

-LeJane Oglesby

Ms. DOre

Thank you for the wonderful job teaching our 3rd grade class digitally this year! You are TERRIFIC!!!! -

Alexis Sharbel

She truly cares for her students and their whole being. She wants to help her students reach their full potential! -Ann Blue

Ms. Kiel

She is very dedicated to her students and makes them part of her family. - Guillermina Garcia

Marilyn Whitmer

Ms Whitmer is always so nice to me when I have to call the office or ask a question. I really appreciate her kindness and her patience.

Ms. Sibley

Ms Sibley is amazing! She has helped our student start learning to read and it seems like magic! She is encouraging and kind, all while moving our student forward and raising the expectations at a great pace. She seems to really know that all students are coming from all different situations and they face all sorts of challenges, but that they all need to be able to read. Being able to read unlocks the world for a child, and I'm grateful for how much she's helped our student.

Ms. Goodwin

Ms Goodwin is really knowledgeable and she really considers the individual needs of each student. We are grateful for her commitment to our daughter's social and academic development. I never knew how important speech therapy is until I learned what she's actually looking at and working with and how much goes into what she does.

Ms. Matas

Ms Matas is compassionate towards her students with special needs, committed to their success, and she helps us help our student at home!

Ms. Westbrook

Ms. Westbrook is kind and cares about the kids! We appreciate so much how she has been gracious and understanding to us as the parents trying to juggle life and for how she has supported our daughter. Ms. Westbrook, you are the best and we wish we could keep you! Thank you for your kindness, care and support. You made a difference in our lives and the life of our daughter!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!- Doug and Barbara Cozart

Ms. Crisantos

She Loves my daughter, and she make everyday special for her. Lizbeth Varela

She is my daughters teacher - Yumey

Ms. Lowe

She is a good teacher and very special with my kids. Lizbeth Varela.

She helps my son all the time. Jairo Varela.

She helps my daughter and she is very special for my Family. Cintia Herrera.

Servicial ! -Maria

Mrs. Hairston, Ms. Hunter and Ms. Thompson

They go the extra mile for the kids! Thank you so much for everything you all do specially for my daughter she enjoys going into your classroom everyday! -Xochitl Valdez

Ms. Ebersberger

Ms. Ebersberger brings so much joy and positive energy every morning to class. It definitely uplifts the students spirits. This is one of the many ways she’s made the best out of a difficult year for everyone. My daughter had benefited tremendously from being her student. Thank you for all you do! It doesn’t go unnoticed!-Alondra Thompson

We love the way she teaches and helps her students giving extra classes in the morning especially math. -Luis Jorge

Mrs. Marcano

We love Mrs. Marcano! She is an excellent teacher and shows kindness to all her students. -Nadia Hayashi

Siempre allí para los estudiantes de 4 grado ,a sido tan dedicada a que los estudiantes sigan progresando de forma virtual ,Muchas gracias 😊 por lo que haces .

Ms. Greenstein

Nadia loves chatting with Ms. Greenstein when picking up lunches. She is a very nice teacher and we miss her.
Nadia Hayashi

Crystal Johnson

Crystal always has a warm smile when we pick ip lunches. Thank you for all you do!

-Nadia Hayashi

Mr. Williams

We miss Mr. Williams! Nadia says he is a patient & chill teacher. Nadia learned so much in his class. - Nadia Hayashi

Ms. Quinn

She encourages students to study by asking questions about topics learned. - anonymous


Dedication - Jessica

Ms. Kemmerly

She is a very dedicated teacher to her students, she always works very hard and she pays a lot of attention to the children, and she is always in constant communication with us, thank you for all your support Ms. Kemmerly! Norma Gonzalez

Ms. Kemmerly is an amazing teacher! She always keeps her students engaged, which is not an easy feat being all virtual! My daughter loves being in her class! We are grateful for all she does to make learning fun! Jenny Tuley

Senora Pena

Me enseña español y me gusta mucho su clase y la extraño mucho , SUPER BUENA maestra.

She teaches me Spanish and I really like her class and I miss her a lot, SUPER GOOD teacher.


She teaches us new things- Yumey

Para todas de la oficina

son amables y super responsables en su trabajo mi admiracion siempre para cada una d ellas ,es por eso que las extraño mil y seguir aprendiendo de ellas gracias por todo-

They are kind and super responsible in their work. My admiration always for each one of them, that is why I miss them a thousand and continue to learn from them, thanks for everything-

Lizeth Rosales

MS. Alexander

It amazes me how despite the circumstances, Ms. Alexander is doing amazing through digital learning! Seriously, it's as if the kids were there in person! She is an awesome and passionate teacher! We love her! Maria and Mason Smith

Chevelle Hunter

Chevelle is a person who always welcomes families with a smile, she is always very kind, she is a great person to be at Peachtree Elementary.❤️

Norma Gonzalez

Crystal Johnson

Crystal is a strong and hardworking person. She is always helping our children at their meal times so that they can easily get their meals. She knows how to do her job very well. Thank you Crystal..❤️

Norma Gonzalez

Ms. Crystal is always so warm and welcoming when we come to pick up lunches! She knows my children by name and takes extra time just to say hello and speak to them. We are so thankful for Ms. Crystal! Jenny Tuley

Kirsten Miklethun

Ms. Miklethun, is a great person to be in the Peachtree Elementary Parent Center. She is very dedicated and loves all the Peachtree families, and always helps all people, she never leaves us with a problem. She looks for solutions for everyone. No matter what the issue is, she is always has an open heart to help families ...Thank you ❤️ Norma Gonzalez

POR SU DEDICACION Y ENTREGA y nunca decir no ella todo lo soluciona de una manera que nos hace confortables y feliz en peachtree gracias x lo que siempre hace en peachtree y por las familias que hablamos espanol al ayudarnos con tus proyectos para estar mas cerca de nuestros hijos . - Liz Rosalez

She is very friendly, and is very patent with the parents that need help, Thank you Ms.Miklethun.- Guillermina Garcia

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This year's Youth Art Month Virtual Art Exhibit features two Peachtree Elementary Students. Congratulations to 5th grader David Kaplan and 1st Grader Chanel Wallace. Click on the link to the video to view. Enjoy!

La Exhibición Virtual de Arte del Mes del Arte Juvenil de este año presenta a dos estudiantes de la escuela primaria Peachtree. Felicitaciones al alumno de quinto grado David Kaplan y al alumno de primer grado Chanel Wallace. Haga clic en el enlace del video para verlo. ¡Disfrutar!

Piedmont Gallery - CAE21 - Georgia Capitol Art Exhibition
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Gwinnett Online Campus

The registration window for the 2021-2022 Gwinnett Online Campus school year for students in grades 4-12 remains open. Registration is completed in person on a first-come, first-served basis.

La ventana de inscripción para el año escolar 2021-2022 para los estudiantes de los grados 4 a 12 sigue abierta. La inscripción se realiza en persona por orden de llegada.

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Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta invites non-Girl Scout members to attend a "Spring into Girl Scouts" social to connect with Girl Scouts. This event is FREE for girls in grades K-5. Join us for an evening of fun on April 1st from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. virtually. Girls will engage in fun, interactive activities to get a glimpse at what girls experience through Girl Scouts. We look forward to giving you and your family a taste of Girl Scouting. To register, click HERE. Note: Currently, registered Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta members who bring a non-Girl Scout friend are invited to attend our event.

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta invita a los que no son miembros de Girl Scouts a asistir a un evento social de Primavera en Girl Scouts para conectarse con Girl Scouts. Este evento es GRATUITO para las niñas de los grados K-5. Únase a nosotros para una noche de diversión el 1 de abril de 6:00 a 7:00 p.m. virtualmente. Las niñas participarán en divertidas actividades interactivas para obtener una visión de lo que las niñas experimentan a través de Girl Scouts. Esperamos darle a usted y a su familia una muestra de Girl Scouts. Para inscribirse, haga clic AQUÍ. Nota: Actualmente, los miembros registrados de Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta que traigan a una amiga que no sea Girl Scout están invitados a asistir a nuestro evento.

Planning on INternational Travel this Spring? Read on...

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PBIS is back and in full swing!

Kudos for Kids

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Kudos for Kids 720p
We kicked off "Kudos for Kids" this week at Peachtree! When the staff sees a student demonstrating that they are principled, respectful, and/or responsible, teachers pull out their clappers and recognize the positive behavior by giving the student a public round of applause! The student's Kudo is also recorded on our school-wide chart. The behaviors we are looking for correspond to our PBIS expectations and procedures that are posted throughout the school (and classroom procedures that teachers have shared with their students).

Esta semana iniciamos Kudos for Kids en Peachtree. Cuando el personal ve que un estudiante demuestra que tiene principios, es respetuoso y responsable, los maestros sacan sus aplausos y reconocen el comportamiento positivo del estudiante dándole una ronda pública de aplausos. El Kudo del estudiante también se registra en nuestra tabla de toda la escuela. Los comportamientos que buscamos corresponden a nuestras expectativas y procedimientos de PBIS que están publicados en toda la escuela o los procedimientos de clase que los maestros han compartido con sus estudiantes.

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If you have a student receiving Special Education services, including Speech and Language, please complete the survey below using the link provided...

Si usted tiene un estudiante que recibe servicios de Educación Específica. Educación, incluyendo el habla y el lenguaje, por favor complete la encuesta a continuación utilizando el enlace proporcionado.
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Visit our website to gain access to a three part series of video telecourse designed to teach beginning English literacy skills to adult learners. Supplemental materials are available through the Peachtree Parent Center.

See the link below.

Visite nuestro sitio web para obtener acceso a una serie de tres partes de telecursos de vídeo diseñados para enseñar habilidades de alfabetización en inglés a estudiantes adultos. Los materiales complementarios están disponibles a través del Centro de Padres de Peachtree.

Vea el enlace siguiente.

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Important Reminder for Families connecting to Zoom with Chromebooks

Peachtree Families,

If you are using a Chromebook (school-issued or your personal one) please use the Zoom App to get into your teacher's Zoom.

The video above will teach you how to get the App and where to find your teacher's Meeting ID.

Please do not use the Zoom link to get into Zoom on a Chromebook.

Using the Zoom link on a Chromebook will cause audio and video issues.

Thank you and have a great day!

Familias Peachtree,

Si estás usando un Chromebook (de la escuela o personal), por favor usa la aplicación Zoom para entrar en el Zoom de tu profesor.

El video de arriba te enseñará cómo obtener la aplicación y dónde encontrar la identificación de la reunión de tu profesor.

Por favor, no uses el enlace Zoom para acceder a Zoom en un Chromebook

El uso del enlace de Zoom en un libro de Chromebook causará problemas de audio y video.

Gracias y que tengan un gran día!


REMINDERS for all our in-person families, I want to remind you that during the pandemic it is critically important that you do not send your children to school when they are ill. Please keep your child home if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms:

-Fever of 100.4 or above - headache - sore throat

-cough - loss of taste or smell - congestion or runny nose

-fatigue - nausea or vomiting - diarrhea

-shortness of breath - muscle or body aches

We have had many students come to school with symptoms of being sick and we do not have a way of knowing if these symptoms are related to everyday ailments or the pandemic. Because of this, we ask you to keep your children home when symptoms are apparent and consult your medical professional regarding when school attendance would be safe and appropriate.

RECORDATORIO para todas nuestras familias en persona, quiero recordarles que durante la pandemia es de vital importancia que no envíen a sus hijos a la escuela cuando estén enfermos. Por favor, mantengan a sus hijos en casa si tienen alguno de los síntomas de COVID-19:

-Fiebre de 100.4 o más -dolor de cabeza -dolor de garganta

-tose - pérdida de sabor u olor - congestión o goteo nasal

-fatiga - náuseas o vómitos - diarrea

-dificultad para respirar -dolores musculares o corporales

Hemos tenido muchos estudiantes que vienen a la escuela con síntomas de estar enfermos y no tenemos forma de saber si estos síntomas están relacionados con las dolencias diarias o la pandemia. Por ello, les pedimos que mantengan a sus hijos en casa cuando los síntomas sean aparentes y consulten a su profesional médico sobre cuándo sería segura y apropiada la asistencia a la escuela.

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Do you want to help and support your student at home but don't know where to start? Start at AKS at Home!

Quiere apoyar y ayudar a su hijo en casa y no sabe come comenzar? Comienza con AKS at Home!

AKS at Home Web page

AKS at home webpage

at Home Tips for Parents

Make the most of mealtime conversation

One positive outcome of having to spend more time at home is that families can eat more meals together. Experts say that family meals are an important way for parents to keep communication flowing with children and support school success. Keep the conversation going by having your child help clean up, too. And if your family can't eat dinner together, spend extra time over breakfast!

Help your child get ready to concentrate

Kids need to be able to concentrate when doing schoolwork. Here are some techniques that can help: When your child is about to tackle an assignment, have him think about what he's going to do. A mental picture can make concentrating easier. You can also let him choose a small incentive he'll earn when the work is complete, such as playing a game with you. It may help him persist through a tough task.

Aproveche al máximo las pláticas durante las comidas

Un resultado positivo de tener que pasar más tiempo en casa es que las familias pueden comer juntas con mayor frecuencia. Los expertos sostienen que las comidas familiares son importantes para que los padres mantengan una buena comunicación con sus hijos y apoyen el éxito escolar. Mantenga la conversación en curso pidiéndole a su hijo que lo ayude a limpiar. Y si no pueden cenar en familia, ¡pasen un poco más de tiempo juntos en el desayuno!

Ayude a su hijo a prepararse para concentrarse

Los niños necesitan concentrarse cuando hacen el trabajo escolar. Aquí tiene algunas técnicas útiles: Cuando su hijo esté por sentarse a hacer un trabajo, dígale que piense en lo que hará. Tener una imagen mental puede ayudarlo a concentrarse. También puede dejar que escoja un incentivo pequeño que obtendrá cuando termine el trabajo, como jugar a un juego con usted. Esto podría ayudarlo a perseverar en un trabajo difícil.

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Spring Break

Monday, April 5th, 7:45am

This is an online event.

Peachtree Elementary School will be closed for Spring break 4/5 - 4/9. Classes will resume on April 12, 2021.

La Escuela Peachtree estará cerrada por las vacacioness de primavera del 4/5 al 4/9. Las clases se reanudarán el 12 de abril de 2021.

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Peachtree PTA Meeting

Monday, April 19th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Preregistration for this event is required. Please use the link to sign-up and you will be emailed the Zoom link.
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Asynchronous Digital Learning Day for all students

Tuesday, April 20th, 7:45am

This is an online event.

All students will take part in online learning. Lunch pick-up is available at school 11AM-1:00PM.
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Gwinnett County Public Schools has made adjustments to this year’s calendar, affecting 2nd semester. The district will add an additional day of teacher planning at the beginning of the semester, which means students will return from winter break on January 7. The second adjustment calls for the addition of four digital learning days during the semester (January 26, March 2, March 16, and April 20). These dates will be learning days where all students will learn from home, providing teachers additional days for planning during the semester. You will receive additional information about these days and your students' assignments from your local school. The updated calendar (as well as the calendar for the 2021-2022 school year) is available on the school district website.

Las escuelas públicas del condado de Gwinnett han hecho ajustes al calendario de este año, afectando al segundo semestre. El distrito agregará un día adicional de planificación de maestros al comienzo del semestre, lo que significa que los estudiantes regresarán de las vacaciones de invierno el 7 de enero. El segundo ajuste requiere la adición de cuatro días de aprendizaje digital durante el semestre (26 de enero, 2 de marzo, 16 de marzo y 20 de abril). Estas fechas serán días de aprendizaje en los que todos los estudiantes aprenderán desde casa, proporcionando a los maestros días adicionales para la planificación durante el semestre. Usted recibirá información adicional sobre estos días y las tareas de sus estudiantes de su escuela local. El calendario actualizado (así como el calendario para el año escolar 2021-2022) está disponible en el sitio web del distrito escolar.

Peachtree Elementary School TItle I Planning Meeting

Friday, May 7th, 8:30am

This is an online event.

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Gwinnett Public Library Supports Early Learning!

Gwinnett's Library system offers enhanced learning for Kindergarteners. The Gwinnett County Public Library system has a new early education initiative called Kindergarten, Here We Come! to help parents and caregivers prepare their young children to not only be ready for school, but to excel from the very start. Each week, the Library features virtual events like letter camps and live story times as well as revamped reading and activity programs. Parents can earn badges by logging reading minutes, doing activities designed to build early learning skills for their child, and leaving reviews – all while building a record of their child’s accomplishments. Visit to register for an account.

El sistema de bibliotecas de Gwinnett fomenta el aprendizaje para los niños de jardín de infantes La Biblioteca Pública del condado de Gwinnett ofrece una nueva iniciativa para la educación inicial. Kindergarten, Here We Come! (Jardín de infantes, ¡aquí vamos!) ayudará a padres y cuidadores a preparar a los niños no solo para empezar la escuela sino también para distinguirse desde el comienzo. Cada semana, la biblioteca presenta eventos virtuales tales como campamentos de cartas, cuentos en vivo, y programas modernos de actividades y lectura. Los padres pueden ganar insignias si registran minutos de lectura, realizan las actividades diseñadas para desarrollar habilidades de aprendizaje tempranas para su hijo, y dejan reseñas. Todo esto se registra junto con los logros del niño. Visite para registrarse y obtener una cuenta

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A partnership with the Gwinnett County Public Library (GCPL) provides online tutoring to students. Live tutoring support is available daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. In addition, students can receive “drop-off support” 24-7 where they can upload a document for tutor feedback that will be reviewed and returned at a later time. In order to access the online tutoring service, students will need a library account and gaining access is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Students can use their GCPL library card number to sign in to, OR...

2. Students who have taken part in the Branch Out program (an existing partnership between GCPS and GCPL) can log in using their Student ID as their Barcode/Username and their birthdate (MMDD) as the Password. (Example: If your birthdate is February 14, your password is 0214.) OR...

3. If a student does not have an account with the Gwinnett County Public Library, they can go to the GCPS website’s COVID-19 page to find information on how to request one. Once a student has a GCPL account he or she can get started by going to Click on Then click on the “Access” button. The student will then create or sign in to their free account. Click on “Get a Tutor Now” to connect and begin getting help. Students can receive one-on-one tutoring in any math, science, social studies, and English subject. covers 40 subjects including Advanced Placement courses. In addition, support is available in Spanish and by phone once a user has logged in

Una asociación con la Biblioteca Pública del Condado de Gwinnett (GCPL) proporciona tutoría en línea a los estudiantes. El apoyo de tutoría en vivo está disponible diariamente de 8 a.m. a 10 p.m. Además, los estudiantes pueden recibir "apoyo para dejar a los alumnos" las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, donde pueden subir un documento para recibir comentarios de los tutores que serán revisados y devueltos posteriormente. Para acceder al servicio de tutoría en línea, los estudiantes necesitarán una cuenta en la biblioteca y acceder a ella es tan fácil como 1-2-3. 1. Los estudiantes pueden usar su número de tarjeta de la biblioteca GCPL para iniciar sesión en, O 2. Los estudiantes que han participado en la asociación Branch Out A con la Biblioteca Pública del Condado de Gwinnett (GCPL) ofrecen tutoría en línea a los estudiantes. El apoyo de tutoría en vivo está disponible diariamente de 8 a.m. a 10 p.m. Además, los estudiantes pueden recibir "apoyo para dejar a los alumnos" las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, donde pueden subir un documento para recibir comentarios de los tutores que serán revisados y devueltos posteriormente. Para acceder al servicio de tutoría en línea, los estudiantes necesitarán una cuenta en la biblioteca y acceder a ella es tan fácil como 1-2-3. 1. Los estudiantes pueden usar su número de tarjeta de biblioteca de GCPL para ingresar a, O 2. Los estudiantes que han participado en el programa Branch Out (una asociación existente entre GCPS y GCPL) pueden ingresar usando su identificación de estudiante como su Código de Barras/Nombre de Usuario y su fecha de nacimiento (MMDD) como la Contraseña. (Ejemplo: Si su fecha de nacimiento es el 14 de febrero, su contraseña es 0214.) O 3. Si un estudiante no tiene una cuenta en la Biblioteca Pública del Condado de Gwinnett, puede ir a la página COVID-19 del sitio web de GCPS para encontrar información sobre cómo solicitar una. Una vez que un estudiante tiene una cuenta GCPL puede empezar a trabajar en Haga clic en Luego haga clic en el botón "Access". El estudiante creará o se conectará a su cuenta gratuita de Haga clic en "Get a Tutor Now" para conectarse y comenzar a recibir ayuda. Los estudiantes pueden recibir tutoría personalizada en cualquier materia de matemáticas, ciencias, estudios sociales e inglés. cubre 40 materias incluyendo cursos de Colocación Avanzada. Además, el apoyo está disponible en español y por teléfono, una vez que el usuario se ha conectado al programa (una asociación existente entre GCPS y GCPL) puede conectarse usando su identificación de estudiante como su código de barras/nombre de usuario y su fecha de nacimiento (MMDD) como la contraseña. (Ejemplo: Si su fecha de nacimiento es el 14 de febrero, su contraseña es 0214.) O 3. Si un estudiante no tiene una cuenta en la Biblioteca Pública del Condado de Gwinnett, puede ir a la página COVID-19 del sitio web de GCPS para encontrar información sobre cómo solicitar una. Una vez que un estudiante tiene una cuenta GCPL puede empezar a trabajar en Haga clic en Luego haga clic en el botón "Access". El estudiante creará o se conectará a su cuenta gratuita de Haga clic en "Get a Tutor Now" para conectarse y comenzar a recibir ayuda. Los estudiantes pueden recibir tutoría personalizada en cualquier materia de matemáticas, ciencias, estudios sociales e inglés. cubre 40 materias incluyendo cursos de Colocación Avanzada. Además, el apoyo está disponible en español y por teléfono una vez que el usuario se ha conectado


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Free and reduced Lunch Application

Repeat - ACTION REQUIRED: All Students Should be LInked to A MY PAYMENTS PLUS ACCOUNT

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UPDATE: Looking for reading material? We have access to many online books!

Click on the link below to watch Mrs. Hobby guide us through eCLASS to find cool online books!

Haga clic en el siguiente enlace para ver a la Sra. Hobby guiarnos a través de la clase a libros geniales en línea!

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REPEAT: In-Person Families Important Covid-19 Safety Checks

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REPEAT: PLAY2Learn at Peachtree

Peachtree Parents, if you have children from birth to school age, this program is for you and your child! Play2Learn celebrates that special time from birth to school age where parents play such an important role in their child's development. Our goal at Play2Learn is to support and facilitate you in your the role as your child's first and most impactful teacher. For more information about the program starting this fall at Peachtree, call the Parent Center 770-417-2458.

Padres de Peachtree, si tienen hijos desde el nacimiento hasta la edad escolar, este programa es para usted y su hijo! Play2Learn celebra ese momento especial desde el nacimiento hasta la edad escolar en el que los padres juegan un papel tan importante en el desarrollo de sus hijos. Nuestro objetivo en Play@Learn es apoyarle y facilitarle el papel de primer y más impactante maestro de su hijo. Para obtener más información sobre el programa que comienza este otoño en Peachtree, llame al Centro de Padres 770-417-2458.

Repeat: Information Regarding Lunch

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A reminder from Café Gwinnett: The Free-and Reduced-Priced Meal Application must be filled out each school year. (Even if you filled one out in the spring, you need to fill out a new one for the coming school year.) The online application for 2020-21 is now available at Note that those eligible for free-and reduced-priced meals may be able to access other types of public assistance or services that may be available during this pandemic.

Un recordatorio del Café Gwinnett: La aplicación de comidas gratis y a precio reducido debe ser llenada cada año escolar. (Aunque la hayas llenado en primavera, debes llenar una nueva para el próximo año escolar). La solicitud en línea para 2020-21 está ahora disponible en Tenga en cuenta que las personas elegibles para recibir comidas gratuitas o a precio reducido pueden tener acceso a otros tipos de asistencia o servicios públicos que pueden estar disponibles durante esta pan

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REPEAT: Technology Updates

Apps for your STUDENTS

Gwinnett has released two new apps this week that can be downloaded onto your student's phone to access information on the go! Both are available in Google Play and the App Store.

StudentVUE Mobile App for GCPS Students: New for the 2020–21 school year, GCPS students can use their smartphones to access StudentVUE to find grades, schedules, and more!

eCLASS access on the go via the Pulse app: Stay connected with your classes, view content on and off line, and the best feature are the notifications! Make sure to turn them on while activating the app.

Aplicaciones para tus ESTUDIANTES

Gwinnett ha lanzado dos nuevas aplicaciones esta semana que pueden ser descargadas en el teléfono de su estudiante para acceder a la información sobre la marcha! Ambas están disponibles en Google Play y en la App Store.

StudentVUE Mobile App para estudiantes de GCPS: Nuevo para el año escolar 2020-21, los estudiantes de GCPS pueden usar sus teléfonos inteligentes para acceder a StudentVUE para encontrar calificaciones, horarios y más!

Acceso a eCLASS sobre la marcha a través de la aplicación Pulse: Manténgase conectado con sus clases, vea el contenido en línea y fuera de línea, y la mejor característica son las notificaciones! Asegúrate de encenderlas mientras activas la aplicación.

UPDATE: View videos and tips sheets to help you use Eclass tools

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If you or your family don't always have money for food, visit the FoodFinder website or download the app to find places.

Si usted o su familia no siempre cuentan con dinero para la compra de alimentos, visite el sitio web Foodfinder o descargue nuestra aplicación para encontrar los lugares cercanos en donde puede obtener comida gratis y ayuda alimentaria.

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REPEAT: Access the resources Available to GCPS students at the public library

PArent Engagement Talk and Tips

Point out the positive results of effort

When it comes to achieving in school, intelligence propels students only so far. It takes hard work to get the rest of the way. Let your child know you place a high value on effort. Then reinforce your message by showing her how effort pays off. When she gets a high grade on a test, for example, say, "I know how hard you studied, and this is the result. I'm proud of you."

Señale los resultados positivos del esfuerzo

Cuando se trata de lograr el éxito en la escuela, la inteligencia impulsa a los estudiantes solo hasta cierto punto. Se necesita esfuerzo para llegar a la meta final. Dígale a su hijo que usted valora mucho el esfuerzo. Luego refuerce su mensaje al mostrarle que el esfuerzo da buenos resultados. Cuando obtenga una calificación alta en un examen, por ejemplo, usted puede decirle, "Sé que has estudiado con dedicación, y este es el resultado. Estoy muy orgulloso de ti".

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REPEAT: TroubleShooting Guide For SchoolNet

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5th grade Families - Order Your Yard Sign Now!

Click on the link to read about how to order Norcross High School PTSA' s celebratory yard signs for our 5th graders.

Haga clic en el enlace para leer sobre cómo pedir los letreros de celebración del patio de la PTSA de Norcross High School para nuestros estudiantes de quinto grado.