Finding the magic in words

What will I learn?

In Bookworms, one will learn the various magical concepts unique to BAM, as well as how magic is portrayed differently in modern literature, as well as fairytales and legends. Over the course of 9 intensive lessons, we will cover things from types of magic to magical transportation to magical objects. Both similarities and differences in magic will be discussed, and you will discover what magic is to every person, and the next time you flip to the first page of a book, you'll be able to find magic even in the darkest of tales.

What will I read?

Anything and everything. A list of books used in lessons will be provided, ranging from the Arthurian legends, to much beloved fairytales like Cinderella, and popular literature such as the Chronicles of Narnia. You can see some of the examples listed below. Excerpts from original magical books created especially for BAM will also make an appearance. You can also read any book that has magic in it, and use them to further illustrate your understandings of lessons. Creativity is very much encouraged, so start thinking out of the box!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. "Do I need to read ALL the books listed?!" Fear not! It is not mandatory for you to read every book, but if you so happen to have a well-loved classic, say, the Lord of the Rings in your collection, you can certainly reread them so that you have a clearer picture of examples used in our lessons.

2. "But isn't reading boring?" Nay! Reading can be very fun, especially when one is so deeply drawn into the world so cleverly crafted by gifted writers. Give it a try! Many books, as long as you find the right ones for you, make reading extremely rewarding and once you reach the end of that last page, I guarantee you'll want to start all over again!

3. "Will I have to write a lot of essays?!" We-ell, if you consider an essay per lesson "a lot", then yes, unfortunately you do have to write essays. But I promise you they're less painful than you think. You will be given a lot of freedom to complete your assignments, and I want you to view these essays as an expression of creativity.

4. "I've heard books bite. Do they?" Depends on what books you've been reading! Most books certainly don't bite, and the ones we will be using in lessons most certainly don't (I doubt non-magical people will be pleased if every book in store started biting them). But if you wander into the deeper recesses of our school Library, be sure to treat whatever book you find nicely. Some do like to sneak in a nibble or two if you're too rough.

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