Who I am?

Something about me


Name: Viivi Helmi Maaria Sirviö

Age: 14 (girl)

Birthday: 15.7

Country: Finland

School: Kuulammen koulu







3 cats:

  • Pesonen & Kosonen (twins)
  • Pörri
A dog:

  • Sulo

My personality

I'm friendly and happy but I'm little stubborn and sometimes independent. My personality is actually pretty strong. I'm little wild and hard-working. Honestly I'm sometimes too apathetic and sometimes it's bothering me. I'm caring, understanding and brave. My bff say that I'm like mom

What I like

I like horror movies and animes. I'm keen on about swimming, singing and dancing. And of course I like ice hockey. My favorite Finnish team is Kärpät. I love cats <3 I like put others hairs and I like too write stories and songs.

Favorite movies&animes

My favorite movies are:

  • Paranormal activities
  • Ring
  • Dead silence
My favorite animes:

  • Black Butler
  • Free!
  • Ouran high school host club

My favorite series:

  • Hwarang

Favorite song

Big Bang:

  • Bang Bang Bang
  • Fantastic baby
  • Good boy
  • We like 2 party
  • Sober
  • Zutter
  • Fxxk it

BTS(Bangtan boys):

  • Blood, sweat and tears
  • Fire
  • Dope
  • Save me
  • Wings
  • Am I wrong
  • 21st century girls
  • Baepsae
  • Even if I die it's you
  • I need you
  • Run
  • Fun Boys
  • We are bulletproof
  • No more dream
  • N.O
  • War of Hormones
  • Boy in luv

Favorite singer: G Dragon(GD) from Big Bang and V from BTS

My job when I'm grow up

I want to be nurse or actress

What kind of I look like:

I have brown long hair. My eyes are greenish-brown. I'm 1m 64cm tall. I have wreckles on my nose

My best friend!

My best friend is Janette Isopahkala

Janette is friendly and funny :D

Janette's eyes are greenish-blue eyes and they are big! And her hair is long and brown.

Favorite colors

Blue, turquoise and white