Government controlling the people

USA trying to "police" the world

"Then you have no fear any more. You're completely free."

This quote was said by V. He was impersonating the government and torturing Eve to see if she would reveal his location. When he realized that she had no fear of him and the government he realized that she was in fact free. For once people aren't afraid of their government they are free from them and are no longer under their control. V was able to accomplish this with Eve.

Freedom of No Speech

The constitution says that we have a freedom of speech, which we are allowed to say whatever we want. However, this isn't true because we get in trouble for a lot of things we say. We have to be equal to one another. If we say anything racist than we get in trouble. People lose their jobs for some of the things that way. There are numerous times when the news will report someone getting in trouble for saying something offensive or negative to someone else and paying a huge price for it. People don't understand that sometimes life is not worth living if people are not happy. Sometimes risking lives are worth it if the outcome is freedom and not being under control. They people in the government say they are trying to help us and be beneficial to us but they make ridiculous laws we have to follow. Nowadays it seems like we can’t put a Christmas tree in an office or a school without the risk of getting sued. It’s one of the dumbest things about this country. Yes there are laws about freedom of speech but putting up Christmas trees is the school’s way of showing their freedom of speech. We can’t even show a little bit of Christmas spirit at school without the risk of a million dollar lawsuit for “corrupting the kids”. Another horrible thing about our government is we can’t do anything now, like post something online or have a cell phone call, without the government listening in and watching what we do. Where did the privacy go in our country? “Americans were probably most shocked by the revelation that the U.S. government is collecting massive quantities of their digital signatures--billions of phone calls and e-mails and Internet searches. The feds aren't monitoring every last one. But they easily could, and this is the essence of the age of Big Data” (Zakaria). The government can and does monitor everything we do. They say it is for our protection but a lot of people feel like it is an invasion of privacy and should be illegal. Shouldn’t doing this be illegal? “As far as we know, the U.S. government has broken no laws and has followed all established procedures, and Congress approved this program, though it did so in secret, writing laws that aren't public” (Zakaria). Ok, so what the government is doing isn’t illegal but most Americans feel like they should have told us or at least brought it up for discussion among the people. Anyway if they wanted it to be secret why would they have let the public know because now people won’t confess to crimes or terrorists attacks on the phone of internet because they know the American government is watching them. The government is still doing things wrong and they haven’t used the most intellectual tactics in order to get things done, however they are still protecting us, so it somewhat makes up for it in the long run. As long as the government protects us from terrorists I’ll be happy and I think a lot of other people will be happy too.

Micheal Franti - Hey World (Don't Give Up) w/lyrics

Don't give up

This song is called Hey World (Don't give up) by Michael Franti. It represents a dystopia because it shows faith in starting a revolution and standing up for what people believe in. It says don't give up because things will change. It's just like how Winston was committed to learning about the past and defying the thought police. He didn't care what happened to him as long as he would accomplish what he was trying to do. The government can't control people forever. it gives us hope that one day someone will begin to change the world and we can all follow that one person. This song is all about never losing that little strand of hope that is always there within us. They government can never take our hope away. They could beat us, arrest us, and even kill us, but they can never take away the little speck of light that is lurking at the end of the road. Hope and our thoughts are the only thing we can truly own, so we can never let any person or thing take that away from us. This song is a great representation of the human spirit and how the fight will always live on in our hearts no matter what the situation is in the battle.

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Freedom Men

Saturday, July 5th, 9am

Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

This would be an event where all the people get together in Washington DC and march and protest for better rights and freedoms. It would be a 7 hour event that starts at 9 in the morning. It will basically be a large party with a purpose to try and help out us Americans. we would create signs and posters and we would have fun marching. It would be nonviolent because we don't need any people get hurt over this. This event will always take place on July 5th. We would dress up like first time Americans during the pilgrim days and have fun marching and partying.

School is a Dystopia

Schools can be considered to be dystopias. In Schools they force the students to wear certain clothing and dress a certain way. There are laws that can't be argued. The students have next to zero rights. Basically school is a dictatorship and dystopia where we have to do everything we are told and if we don't, we get into a lot of trouble. The teachers can boss a student around and almost never get into trouble. The principal can do whatever he or she wants unless his or her boss is at the school visiting. School is designed to have some fun, but it's basically a hierarchy and the teachers and principal is the top and we are the bottom.

School Sonnet

Homework, Homework everywhere, and always having to append

The government tell us it's for our own good in the hopes it will help us learn;

With the school holidays fast approaching we hope the mounds of paperwork will end,

Looking forward to our time away in the sun and fun, with the hope of not to burn

upon completion of our bountiful meals and needed sleep

we return to the confines of our dreary rooms to begin the final leg of the season

the homework continues its rise to he never ending heap

our day ends as it began with the absence of the sun

fear not for the completion of our task is near

for our task masters have pity on our souls

the mounds of paper and deadlines begin to disappear

and the kindness of their hearts rise from their lows

before of after it does not matter

for these tasks continue before and after

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