Welcome to my story!

Gregory Lin Richardson, Jr.


Hello class and instructor. My name is Gregory Lin Richardson, Jr. I was born in Yuma, Arizona but lived all my life in the country of Japan. I am 30 years of age and I have a daughter who is 8 years old. She is my world and my motivation!

Important Demographics

The following a some of demographics I feel are more important than others: family structures, schools attended, religious affiliations, education level, and political affiliations.

I was raised with the love and care of four wonderful parents, five brothers, and three sisters. I attended elementary school in Iwakuni, Japan, middle school in Misawa, Japan, and high school in Okinawa, Japan. I am a Baptist and I am a Democrat. I have attended Florida A & M University where I received my Bachelor's in Information Technology, Ashford University where I earned Bachelor's in Social and Criminal Justice, and currently working on my Master's in Education at Ashford. I am the second child in my family to have earned a degree and education is important to our family. My other siblings are currently enrolled in school pursuing their respective degrees. I am currently employed in the United States Air Force. I have completed nine years and only 11 more to go. I am currently deployed and will be home in a few short months.

Program Learning Outcome

The program learning outcome most intriguing to me is to execute an action research study that draws on the research and methods of various disciplines to address local and global educational issues. This is also where assessment comes into play. The two in my opinion work hand in hand with one another to combat the educational issues our country and other countries face daily. Assessment is used to evaluate and inform educators on the progress of their students and if their lesson plans are truly efficient and align the common core standards.