Sri Lanka

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SRI LANKA!!!!!!!

Sri Lanka is wonderful place with unique clothing,special cultures and religions, and many more!!!!!!


sri lanka was adopted in16 August 1978. leader of executive branch is President Mahinda Percy RAJAPAKSA. name of legeslative is the parliement.Supreme Court; Court of Appeals is the name of the judicial branch.people can vote at 18. its government is rebuplic.


$59.77 billion their argulture sources arerice, sugarcane, grains, pulses, oilseed, spices, vegetables, fruit, tea, rubber, coconuts; milk, eggs, hides, beef; process of rubber, tea, coconuts, tobacco and other agricultural commodities; telecommunications, insurance, banking; tourism, shipping; clothing, textiles; cement, petroleum refining, information technology services, construction. export partners areUS 19.8%, UK 9.2%, India 6.5%, Italy 5%, Germany 5%, Belgium 4.4%.import partners are India 25.6%, China 15.9%, Singapore 7.1%, Iran 6.2%, Japan 5%


the languages are varietys to Sinhala (official and national language) 74%, Tamil (national language) 18%, other.ethnic groups are  8%Sinhalese 73.8%, Sri Lankan Moors 7.2%, Indian Tamil 4.6%, Sri Lankan Tamil 3.9%, other 0.5%.their cultures are very unique to Buddhist (official) 69.1%, Muslim 7.6%, Hindu 7.1%, and evenChristian 6.2%.


Sri Lanka has mostly low, flat to rolling plain; mountains in south-central interior their resources arelimestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, hydropower. they occasionalyhave  cyclones and tornadoes..