2nd Grade Classroom Guidance


Focusing Attention and Listening

Learning Target: I can identify focusing attention and listening skills.

Activity: This month in classroom guidance, we discussed the importance of listening and practiced focusing attention and learned specific ways to be good listeners. Students need good attention and listening skills to focus on what their teacher says, hear directions, and understand lessons. Focusing attention and listening skills can also help students get along with peers. I had the students all practice holding their concentration on a call bell then I rang it and instructed them not to raise their hand until they couldn't hear it any longer. They did a great job using their eyes, ears and brain to hold their concentration for as long as they could hear the bell. We finished the lesson up by getting our dance on to one of my favorite songs "Be A Learner".

Application: Ask your child about our bell ringer game and see if they can explain how you need all three body parts-eyes, ears, and brain-to hold your concentration. Also, ask them to show you their "attention scope" and see if they can tell you what they are supposed to use it for!

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standards:
PS:A2.7 Students know that communication involves, speaking , listening and nonverbal.