Maggie McCall

Chapter One: My Name

Robert; quite a ravishing name to be accustomed for a little baby girl... wouldn't you

agree? My mom always intended on giving me the name Robert Wilhelm McCall, that was until

I was born and she discovered I was actually a girl! My mom did have an idea on what name I

would be given if I was a girl, but she didn't put as much thought into the girl name, as she did

the boy name. After discovering i was indeed a little girl, not a little boy, she gave me the name

Margaret Grace McCall. I am not fond of the name Margaret, or the initials MGM, but I do enjoy

my nickname Maggie. I went through phases of "Call me Margaret...", "Call me Grace", "Call

me this, call me that", but I ended up sticking with the simple name of Maggie.

I liked the sound of my nickname Maggie, but I never truly knew why I was named

Margaret. It sounded too old and proper for a little girl. I was only recently told that I was given

the name Margaret so that people would call me Maggie. My mother never knew the extremities

of name calling i would shortly begin to receive. You probably wouldn't think that names such as

Margaret or Maggie would have so many cruel nicknames and sayings. I would list them, but I

feel they are a little inappropriate for school. I was once so confident in my name, but then a

bunch of mingy kids had to tease me. The story of my name may not be as intricate and

sentimental as others, but it means something to me.

It all started in 4th grade.

"If I butcher your name, or if you want to be called something different, just let me know", my

teacher announced.

She would go on and say, "Okay lets see, Suzy Donnel? Okay yes you're here. Uh Phil Pitter, yes you are here too..."

Mrs. Cowan, my 4th grade teacher, breezed through the list of names, almost so swiftly

it seemed she didn't take a breath. As she got to mine, there seemed to be the slightest of

hesitations, and then she slowly said "Margraut McCall?" with a tint of confusion in her voice.

She pronounced my name like there there was something stuck on the roof of her mouth. My

name came out of her mouth sour, sounding like Mahr - gah - rot. She immediately apologized

and asked how to say my name. It was too late, and all the kids in my class giggled at not only

my name, but the way she said it.

I corrected her in the quietest voice saying "It's Margaret, and I like to be called Maggie".

I was satisfied with my nickname, and I thought the spelling and pronunciation was quite

obvious. I never knew why my mom named me Margaret, or why she gave me the nickname of

Maggie. I never told my mom about the little giggle-fest my classmates endured when Mrs.

Cowan said my name.

The next day in school, someone came up to me and said, "Last year in science,

I learned about insects, and guess what I just thought of? Your name sounds a lot like maggot,

you know the larva of a fly? So THATS what I'm going to call you from now on.''

I was so bewildered and I had no idea what I could have possibly done to that kid to take

my name and make it offensive. It isn't like I chose my name, that was the name my mother

gave me and I couldn't do anything about it. I was mad, not only at that kid, but angry at my

mom for giving me a name that was obviously so easy to be turned to an offensive name. I must

say it was very unfair of me to blame my mom, but I was so hurt and confused. That day, I went

home and I asked my mom why she named me Margaret, with the nickname of Maggie.

I remember so precisely what my mom had told me that night. The story of my named

flowed out of her mouth like a waterfall, easy to explain and with a lot of depth. She said to me,

"Maggie, do you know where your name originated?". She then told me that my name is from

the irish origin and has been passed down through generations. She was so full of pride and

emotion as she continued through the story. She told me how happy she was to have a

daughter that fit the name "Maggie" or "Margaret" so well, considering my irish qualities of fair

skin, blue eyes, and red hair.

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Chapter Three: Storage Trunk

If we dig deep enough, I believe that we will all find something special about our family. Whether it is about where your grandmother came from, or what your grandfather did as a teenager, there is something significant to be discovered. It took me an hour, but I found something very very interesting that belongs to my grandmother. There are two parts of it; one part is a watercolor book that she took to china, and the other is a watercolor book she took to Cuba. For me, the book from Cuba is especially significant because my father was born in Cuba.

My grandmother, whom we call "Mamasan", is an extremely talented artist, that has traveled all around the world. She always had her sketchbook with her, no matter where she went. In her paintings, she was able to capture the moments of everyday people in foreign countries. As a (not so amazing) artist myself, she is very influential in my life and I look up to her not just in artistic aspects, but in general as well.

The watercolor book that she took to Cuba, is extremely important to me. It is incredible to see where my father was born, and even cooler to see paintings created by my grandmother that were so realistic. Although I already knew how talented my grandmother is, I never knew that she saved her memories of travel through paintings.

The second object that holds significance in our family is a "chest" in one of our walls that is full of china that belonged to my great great grandmother. This is important because it has been passed down through generations and continues to be kept within the family. I asked my mom what they symbolized in my family, and what she told me was pretty amazing. My great great grandmother collected china, and when she died, everything but this case of china was sold. This china was apparently found in the attic after everything else had been sold, so thats when it started to be past down through generations.


Chapter Four: My Personal Alphabet

A is for artistic. I spend nearly all my free time drawing, painting, or making something.

B is for bold. I am it afraid to stand up for things I believe in.

C is for carefree. I have finally gotten to the point in my life where others opinions mean nothing.

D is for dependent. When people need me, I will always be there for them.

E is for empathetic. I always put myself in someone elses shoes so then people feel like they aren't alone.

F is for fit. Whenever I am stressed, I workout. Lets just say, I get stressed out a lot.

G is for grateful. I am very very appreciative for what I have, even through hard times.

H is for healthy. I am a vegan and tend to not eat junk food.

I is for independent. I grew up relying a lot on myself, and I find myself wanting to be and do things alone.

J is for jocose. I don't really like being the "center" of the party, but i like to crack jokes.

K is for kempt. I need everything to be organized, and I am usually the one cleaning up after parties.

L is for lackadaisical. When people boss me around, I lack excitement.

M is for moody. I can be really happy for a minute, and then I start to let my mind wonder, and I find myself getting very upset.

N is for nerveless. I don't get nervous very easily; I find myself staying calm in situations where most people would freak.

O is for open-minded. This is probably my favorite thing about myself. I am very willing to learn about certain topics, like religion.

P is for passionate. I feel very strongly for many topics, especially animal rights.

Q is for quirky. I tend to take my own path, and I know some people would judge me for it.

R is for respectful. I feel that I am very considerate and respect they way people feel and do things.

S is for sarcastic. 98 percent of the things I say are sarcastic, which isn't a good thing.

T is for tolerant. I am very willing to hear what others have to say, even if I disagree.

U is for unmistakable. It is kind of hard to miss me, especially when I am in the sun, it looks like I am on fire.

V is for vivacious. I try to go through life with happiness and positivity.

W is for worrisome. I don't worry about myself as much as I worry about others; for example, I get very worried when my brother drives by himself at night or in the rain.

X is for xenatious. I don't like giving up; I feel like I am not a quitter.

Y is for yokelish. At times, I am very ungraceful.

Z is for zany. I have a very crazy, and childish humor, and I am pretty sure I am the only person that thinks I am funny.


Chapter Five: A Family History

For this chapter, I recorded my mom, and asked her 8 questions...

These questions are:

1. "Are there any traditions we have on holidays? If so, explain them."

2. "Who would you say organizes most of our family meet ups on holidays or just in general?"

3. "How was the food? And did it feel less like Thanksgiving since we couldn't eat as much as we used to since we are vegans now?"

4. "Do we have any other languages that we speak other than English?"

5. "Have there been stories from holidays that have been passed down through generations?"

6. "How did my grandparents, your parents meet?"

7. "What are some of the things you are most proud of about our family or people in our family?"

8. "If there is anything you could change about our family, not necessarily the people, but the traditions etc, what would you change?"


Chapter Six: And the Band Played On

1. Although this may seem very cliche, music has an incredible role in my life. Not only do I rely on music in times of sadness, I have created a support group through music. Not only are the artists actually there for us, I have made so many good friends through music.

2. Mainly I listen to indie rock because it is very very neutral and I can listen it no matter what mood I am in. When I work out, I tend to listen to more upbeat/rap-like music with more background noise than singing. I have trouble going to sleep, so I listen to this "meditation" soundtrack and I assume "meditation music" is a genre. I've been a more independent person recently, and I'm finding myself listening to very underground rap; it calms me down.

3. (this might be really long)

  • KYLE/ Brick *

  • Childish Gambino

  • Kyle Dion

  • Kehlani

  • Eminem

  • Twenty one Pilots *

  • Alt- J *

  • Pacific Air

  • Walk the Moon *

  • Group Love *

  • Watsky *

  • Sir Sly *

  • Jack Johnson *

  • Broken Bells

  • Awolnation *

  • Robert DeLong *

  • Nate Reuss

  • Hozier *

  • Egyptians

  • Atlas Genius

  • Nico Vega

  • Capital Cities *

  • Phoenix

  • The Mowgli's

  • Bastille

  • Ratatat

  • Foo Fighters *

  • OutKast

  • Young the Giant *

  • Cage the Elephant
  • MsMr *

(starred are the ones I've seen live)

My favorite songs at the moment are

Ways to Go- Grouplove

Acid Rain- Robert DeLong

Foreigner's Gold- Hozier

Forest- Twenty One Pilots

Guns For Hands- Twenty One Pilots

We Are the Art- Nico Vega

Taro- alt- J

The Ghost Inside- Broken Bells

Daniel In the Den- Bastille

March to the Sea- Twenty One Pilots


Heartbeat- Childish Gambino

Alive- Kehlani

Mind Your Manners- Chiddy Bang

Nothing Without Love- Nate Reuss

5. Johnny Boy by Twenty One Pilots, because it is all about finding your importance in life and it sounds sad but when you listen to the words, it is really beautiful and inspiring.

Meet Me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas, because whenever I hear it, I think of my old house & it just brings back a lot of good memories.

Demons by Imagine Dragons, because I always listened to this when I got sad and it helped me get all of my anger out.

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson, because it reminds me of when I was really young, and I would wake up to my brother making pancakes and playing this song.

Headlights by Eminem. Hands down one of the most moving songs out there. It really makes you appreciate your mother.

Just a Picture by KYLE. This song is all about social media and how it is completely taking over young generations like mine. Pay attention to the real world.

6. We Are the Art by Nico Vega

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We scrape by, scrape by, scrape by

But we're so tired, so tired, so tired

And we still try, still try, still try

But we're so tired, so tired, so tired

Bite down check it out, yes it is

A fight now for music and music is,

Afraid how we never really knew we could

Break down living our dreams.

Stand up for what is beautiful,

Give it up for the ones that try.

Oh the art is the reason that we came here,

Take a bow together we fight.

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We are the art and we do it cause we ought to

We scrape by, scrape by, scrape by

But we're so tired, so tired, so tired

And we still try, still try, still try

But we're so tired, so tired, so tired

Make plans then take it all back

From the soup pan, put it in your mouth and

Smack your hands, stomp to the sound of

The music and we're living our dreams

Stand up for what is beautiful,

Give it up for the ones that try.

Oh the art is the reason that we came here,

Take a bow together we fight.

I really like this song because it is very soothing and had many different beats/sounds. I also really like Nico Vega's voice, but that is besides the point, it is just another positive to the song. The words are very powerful I feel too.

This is how I feel I relate to the song.

I wouldn't necessarily say I am a good artist, but I guess I am still considered

an artist. I rely on art, almost too much if that is even possible; I go to it when I'm sad, and I go to it when I have nothing to do. As an "artist" i really can connect to this song, which is why it relates to my personality. Although they are talking about music as the art but it can be interpreted as other forms of art. Also, taking it from a different perspective, I go to music the same amount that I go to art, they are interconnected; without art I'd be nothing, and without music I'd be nothing.

These are the lines that mean the most to me.

The lyric "Stand up for what is beautiful" is very meaningful to me. No matter what others think, you should stand up for what you not only find beautiful, but what is important to you.

The lyric "We scrape by, but we are so tired, and we still try, but we are so tired" is also very meaningful. I think the quote does its own justice, it shows how art (not only music) can push you past your limits in many positive ways.



Wait On Me by KYLE.

Chapter Seven: Likes and Dislikes


-Sober by Childish Gambino

-Taking naps after workouts

-Going to basketball games with friends

-Going into the country in Maryland

-Going to night concerts in the summer

-Drawing when I get stressed and feel my mind start clearing

-KYLE concerts, and seeing Brick DJ for him

-The smell of rain on hot cement in the summer

-Coming home after school and making a strawberry smoothie

-Early morning outdoor workouts in the heat

-Supporting what I believe in even if I get hate for it

-The color white

-My 18 y/o brother, Will; he's my role model and best friend

-Soy ice cream sandwiches

-Lemonade in the summer

-Sign language (asl)

-Country music, Toby Keith in particular

-Sleeping in shirts that are way too big for me

-The few friends I have in my life that support me

-Lighting incense

-Skateboarding with my brother in our neighborhood

-The Office, I've watched it since it came out. Found on Netflix

-Eating raw because it makes me feel better about myself, even though I get a lot of negative comments about it


-People that lie about dumb things

-Yellow painted walls

-When people make fun of me for being vegan

-Too much snow, it gets very annoying

-Not getting enough sleep, like when I stay up all night doing homework because I either have too much or I procrastinate

-The smell of hard boiled eggs

-When I'm out in the middle of difficult situations

-Being called ginger in a mocking way

-Ungrateful people that act like they are better than everyone else

-When people burp or fart and don't say excuse me

-Orange marmalade

-When it's reeeeeeally hot and humid out

-People comparing their skin color to mine to make them feel tan

-Not having anyone to talk to

-Knives because I've hurt myself using them too many times (unintentionally!!!!)


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Chapter Eight: Unfinished Sentences

  1. I usually worry about making the right decisions. Sometimes I feel that I rely on my guidance, and my brothers to make the right decisions. I have taught myself a lot about what is wrong and right but I always worry about whether or not I am being a good person and doing the right things.

  2. I feel angry when people use me, especially friends. There have been many many many situations where people will never talk to me in school or text, but they have the nerve to ask me for homework. I've also been in situations where I'm friends with someone "cool", and people actually pretend to be my friend just so they can get closer to that person.

  3. I'm moody when I wake up from a nap. I hardly ever take naps for this reason (other than the fact that I don't have time for them). I'll wake up and I'll be so confused as to what time it is and where I am. If i slept longer than I thought I did, I'd get very mad and I'd get mad at myself. It's hard for me to be in a good mood after a nap.

  4. I'm happiest when I go to concerts or hangout with my brother, Will. I usually go to concerts with him, which is why I'm the happiest then. at feel I can be so open, chilled, and free when I'm at concerts. There are many amazing people there with such free spirits and it's just so fun to jump around with a bunch of awesome people that are interested in the same music as you; and to have my best friend (Will) by my side.

  5. I feel confident when someone tells me they wish they had my color hair because I have always struggled with having it. It is definitely a confidence boost when someone compliments something you are unhappy with.

  6. I feel frustrated when I work with a group on projects. I always end up doing most of the work, if not all and it's not my job. I've always had trouble with working with people, and then to have them not do their small share of work and leave me to do it. It's unfair and it frustrates me.

  7. I feel depressed a lot of the time.,

  8. I am comfortable when I'm with someone I trust and cares about me. I feel protected when I'm around certain people, therefore I feel comfortable. I am also very comfortable when I'm wearing sweatpants or shorts and watching The Office on Netflix.

  9. I feel nervous when someone tells me to do something I haven't done before or pressures me into doing something. I also feel nervous before a basketball game, or before I hangout with someone for the first time. I generally just feel nervous about a lot of things because I overthink everything.

  10. I feel sentimental when people tell me about serious things going on in their life that I can relate to. I get sentimental when I can relate to someone on a deeper level. Or, when I listen to a song that I can relate to.

  11. (04/09/15)

Chapter Nine: Remembrance of Things Present

My love for sign language and the deaf culture

The relationship I have with my brother

The support I have towards animal rights

How much I care about others and their feelings

The love I have for art

Watching the office

I want to remember the love I have for the scent of cotton

Going on runs in the summer

My passion for sleep

I want to remember how my parents treated me

The appreciation I have for the teachers that were understanding

How much I admire music artists

My best friend since 2006, Jenna Ignasiak

How bad I am at saving money

The people that have done me wrong

I want to remember that things will get better

The smell of rain on hot cement

My appreciation for technology and medicines

My independence

Mike Mallon

My mental strength


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Chapter Ten: Things I learned the Hard Way

  • appreciate my brother and how lucky I am to have him

  • appreciate and be grateful for life the way it is

  • love myself because no one will until I do

  • talk about my feelings before it's too late

  • not change myself to fit in, i would always get hurt

  • make an effort to make friends, they won't always just come to YOU

  • stop thinking about just the negatives

  • have faith in myself; never give up on me
  • Love and be appreciative the ones that care about me

I've decided to expand on the fifth bullet because it has affected my life the greatest. I was very immature in seventh grade, maybe not as bad as others because I had gone through a lot of hardships, but the things I have gone through in the past two years have changed me forever. When I moved to Pennsylvania, I wasn't scared.... I should have been. I fell face first into a group of girls that had a goal to hurt me; I thought they were my friends. I tried to fit in with them so they would like me and so that other people would like me and want to talk to me. I lost all of my friends, and I didn't even like myself anymore. I grew as a person and realized that if I forgot about what people thought of me, I will be happy and I will FIND a group of people that would accept me and love me for who I am, not what society wanted me to be. I see my younger friends, changing like seasons to fit in with the crowd; you can't just tell them that they need to grow up and be themselves because they won't get it. We have all be through it, if not going through it now. You are oblivious to the fact that you are betraying yourself and being immature, until you get miserably hurt (like I did). I remember having so much confidence in myself before I moved here, and here I am now, scared to come to school because I'm afraid I will get judged. This goes along with the third bullet. I don't know if I love myself as much as I should, because people have made me feel like I shouldn't. I know I should, we all should love ourselves. I'm scared to come to school in shorts because I'm afraid someone is going to make fun of my skin color, just like they always do. If I love myself, I will have confidence, and I will no longer be afraid of being made fun of. I am still learning that lesson. Everyone deserves and needs to love themselves, even if they learn to do it the hard way, like I did.


Chapter 11: Year in Reading

These are all of the books that I have read this year, along with other information such as a three sentence summary, words of wisdom, genre, author, and my personal rating of the book.
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Chapter Twelve: Friendhsip

Not trying to sound like one of those teenagers that acts like they are too cool for friends or thinks that friends are just major disappointments, but I am an independent person and don't want to rely on people because they always seem to let me down. I am grateful for the people who acted as my friend and then left me because I grew from it and learned from it. I am appreciative to have the people in my life that I do, although there are not many. I would say I have friends, but I don't consider myself having people there to rely on. I see people in Penncrest who legitimately don't have anyone, so I appreciate having people to talk to, and having people I can sit with at lunch, but I don't have anyone in Media, PA that cares about me enough to help me with my problems. I don't hang out with anyone here.

I have a friend named Jenna Ignasiak who lives in Myersville Maryland. She's a friend. I haven't seen her in over three months, and when I do, it's for a day, and I won't see her again for another few months so there aren't many stories about our most recent hangouts. Previous years when I lived in Maryland, I walked to her house everyday after school and we hung out, talked about our struggles, walked to McDonald's, played wii, slid down her skateboard ramp on blankets, and spent nights looking up at the stars on her trampoline. She is a friend.

I met her in second grade when we both caught a boy picking his nose and eating the boogers. I will forever thank Cooper Miser for picking his nose at that moment. Hanging out with her is amazing, she is a sister to me. I lived with her for awhile while I was having some family problems, and she was there for me every second of everyday. She is a friend. She will stay up until sunrise to make sure I am happy; she will not let me go to sleep sad. She makes me feel like I matter, and she makes me feel like a good person. I am happy when I am around her, she just gives off an amazing vibe that can turn anyone's day around. I'm not sure what I understand less, why I had to be separated from her, or why people at Penncrest aren't like her.
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