November Made us so thankful

to be a Stella & Dot Stylist!

Nutty November really lived up to it's name!!

As a group, team StarStudded sold nearly $450,000 - CRAZY!! We boasted 28 promotions and 5 stylists with 5 FIGURE SALES NUMBERS!!! Wahoooooo!
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Let's give a big HECK YEAH! to these ladies who promoted in November

Sally Neff, Star Director

Dona Lanier, Director

Nicole McNamee, Associate Director

Shelli Enright, Associate Director

Kelli Kay, Star Stylist

Tatum Gangi, Star Stylist

Paulina Gouzy, Star Stylist

Bailey Marshburn, Star Stylist

Kendra Short, Star Stylist

Cayce Stoneburner, Senior Stylist

Kacie Hollimon, Senior Stylist

Patricia Otterson, Associate Stylist

Kristen Dudczak, Associate Stylist

Bridgid Laksmono, Associate Stylist

Valerie Martinez, Associate Stylist

Megan Alpough, Associate Stylist

Heather Lane, Associate Stylist

Emily Walton, Associate Stylist

Joni Parker, Associate Stylist

Christine Fricke, Associate Stylist

Kaitlyn King, Associate Stylist

Jodi Patrick, Associate Stylist

Catherine Fuller, Lead Stylist

Valerie Katie Gilliam, Lead Stylist

Gina Ruedenbush, Lead Stylist

You all love what you do and it shows!!!! Congrats on your promotion!

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Check out our top 10 in sales!

Madelon Lanier $22,604

Sally Neff $17,757

Shelli Enright $13,196

Dona Lanier $12,078

Kim Powers $11,029

Abby Masinter $9,218

Tatum Gangi $7,161

Sharon McAndrew $7,161

Jaynee Buss $6,869

Kelli Kay $6,833

I am speechless!!! You all are amazing!!! xoxo

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Welcome to our tribe!! We are so glad you joined us!

Amanda Mobley

Hollie Russ

Tameka Kirby

Candice Jarman

Deborah Reeves

Erin Rhodes

Hethir Rodriguez

Joni Rhodes

Karen Brown

Victoria Strittholt

Carlin Tuton

Heather Huddleston

Lauren Gardner

Tonya Cool

Natalie Salazar

Veronica Hernandez

monique navarro

Kimberly Marrone

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The Spring Preview Collection is here!

Sampling for the Spring Preview Collection is open and I for one want it all!! For those of you who sold over $5,000 and earned the Stellar Seller bonus of $100 Product Credits, those are being manually added and should show up shortly. Sampling closes 12/8.
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Dot Dollars

Our Customers have until 12/15/15 to earn Dot Dollars. When taking orders be sure to mention when taking an order if they are close to the next level - most people will get one more thing to get more discounted items later - which is obviously FABULOUS for us!!
Remember I am always here to help! Call or text anytime!