Quinlan's Trip to Gamestop

By: Quinlan Day


I bought one game that was 20 dollars and 2 other games that are the same amount of money. In the end I had pay 60 dollars. How much money were each video game?
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High Score

I wanted to beat the high score to Geometry Wars at the Game stop. The high score was 2000 points. I got a 200 point bonus and a times 2 score multiplier. What would be the score that I need to get to beat the high score?
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Selling Games

I wanted to sell some of my games. I brought in 5 games that were worth the same amount. 2 of the games were worth nothing. I had a power up card that added 2 dollars to the money that I get. In the end I got 17 dollars, how much was each of the video games?
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Favorites Games

I want 2 of my favorite games. Game A is currently 30 dollars and the price drops by 10 dollars each month. Game B is currently 25 dollars and the price drops by 5 dollars each month. How long will it take for the prices to even out?
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