Coming of Age

By Sam Cook and his Group

1) Rush - Making Memories

  1. We feel no need to worry

No reason to be sad

Our mem'ries remind us

Maybe road life's not so bad

The singer is saying that his memories of the past are gone. His troublesome past is gone, and now his new future stands in his way. These lyrics make you think that bad memories are behind you, and they aren't so bad.

2) Greenday - Burnout

I'm not growing up
I'm just burning out
And I stepped in line
to walk amongst the dead

3) Stanley from "Holes"

Stanley comes into prison camp as a kid with low self-confidence, and strength. Once he leaves camp, he's a strong young adult.

4) Bojack Horseman from "Bojack Horseman"

In the show, Bojack tries to live in the world as an ex-celebrity, and does.

5) Sandlot.

In the movie, the kids learn to work together to solve their problems, and it pays off for them.

6) The Lion King

Simba takes over his father's job and learns how to be an effective ruler. He grows up both figuratively, and literally.

7) Greg from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

Greg wants to be popular in school, so he tries to do all sorts of crazy stuff. Instead of becoming popular, he learns how to treat stressful situations as an adult.

8) The Fault in our Stars

9) The Giver

10) The Hunger Games